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david58 11-07-13 10:01 PM

I sure like my banjo bros products - economical and rugged.

dbs 11-16-13 11:32 PM

Not aware of Ortlieb but they sound great. I've used a pair of Jandd and have nothing but good things to say. Many of the commuters in my circle use Jandd.

Jseis 11-17-13 12:07 AM


Originally Posted by bigbenaugust (Post 16210650)
Dude, I ran my kitty litter bucket pannier into a brick wall the other day (misjudged a turn) and crashed on it last week (slippery bricks). Just a few scratches to show for both altercations.

I also realized this week that it is also the only mold-proof pannier I own... or at least the easiest to clean up. Welcome to the South!

I built mine out of plastic wastebaskets, worked great. Tougher than heck. Making hardware to mount with quick release (springs & hooks), piece of cake. Put thousands of miles of miles on them. Lots of plastic containers now, some with lids, way more choices now than 40 years ago.

dedhed 11-17-13 01:56 AM

Currently on sale.**

ajshine 11-17-13 05:50 AM

If you like the bags, Arkel sell a cam lock hook kit to replace your hardware.
personally, I commute daily with Ortleibs. 100% waterproof; great hardware; really big.
Jon in Philly.

cccorlew 12-22-13 06:06 PM

Thanks to all of you for helping me shop.
I ended up with a Ortlieb Downtown Commuter bag
photos and blog post:

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