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henkie327 11-12-13 11:15 AM

17 to 18 miles one way

Riveting 11-12-13 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by hodag (Post 16240001)
12 each way, co-workers look at me like I'm from mars.

Based on those mutton chops, those looks probably have nothing to do with your biking :)

18.4 RT for me, rolling hills

kgriffioen 11-12-13 12:30 PM

Winter route - 24 miles R/T
Spring/Fall Route - 30 miles R/T
Summer route - 36 miles R/T

KenshiBiker 11-12-13 01:50 PM

13 miles to the office, 13.5 miles home (until they re-open the access to the MUP near my office - which adds about a mile RT, but is much more pleasant and safe than surface streets); Tuesday and Wednesdays, and the alternate Fridays that I work. Monday and Thursday are kendo nights (think hockey-size equipment bag). Oh, Tuesday nights (at least until the rains come) I ride with my co-worker so she can get a training ride in - anywhere from 25 to 40 miles (this time of year almost all of it in the dark).

bigbenaugust 11-12-13 01:57 PM

I used to ride 23mi/day... then I took a new job and moved across the country, so now my commute is 6mi/day minimum and about 9mi/day by my favorite route. In the summer, I was riding in the country in the afternoons, too.

Consularrider 11-12-13 02:00 PM

Direct roundtrip route is between 9 and 10 miles (depends on whether I am using an MUP or the road. However 95% of the time I am riding at least 25 miles roundtrip.

1nterceptor 11-12-13 02:11 PM

16.5 miles one way with some hills:

Dwayne 11-12-13 02:30 PM


Originally Posted by 1nterceptor (Post 16240956)
16.5 miles one way with some hills:

16.5 miles one way exactly for me, too, that's the shortest route possible, hills are included free of charge. 6,438 commuting miles so far this year.

Drew Eckhardt 11-12-13 02:46 PM


Originally Posted by lungimsam (Post 16239312)
Just wondering.
How far do you go?

I did 12 miles one-way for a year. That was pretty nice.

thelazywon 11-12-13 03:02 PM

19.5 miles one way. Take the bus to work and bike home. Downtown Honolulu to Ewa Beach.

Null66 11-12-13 03:08 PM

50 rt, trying one a week. Cold will be a challenge.

mstraus 11-12-13 03:08 PM

I commute a bit over 16 miles each way, a bit over 32 miles RT (typically 16.2 depending on the exact route I take in a few areas). Sometimes I take a slight scenic detour that can add up to a mile or two.

If I want i could take a ferry over part of my commute, eliminating my major climb and cutting out a lot of distance, but I haven't really taken this option yet. I might try it this winter when its raining.

mustang1 11-12-13 03:17 PM

Just over at 11 miles.

agmetal 11-12-13 03:42 PM

Slightly over 18 miles round trip for me, depending on small variations in the route I decide to take on a given day.

CrankyOne 11-12-13 04:58 PM

About 11 miles each way for me. When I ride that is. For commuting I ride a Workcycles OPA which is great for 5 miles or less but can be a bit slow (about 12 mph avg) for longer commutes. If I've got the time though and the weather is relatively acceptable (over about 40f and not raining/snowing hard) I'll ride.

buzzbee 11-12-13 05:14 PM

20 miles in the morning, 14 miles in the evening, 5 days a week...
about half of that is on dirt/gravel flat trails
On rainy days, I take a slightly shorter route.

Greg M 11-12-13 06:35 PM

12 miles one way. Spring ,summer, fall I meet my wife at the boat after work 2-3 days after work which is
20 miles from the job. Couple hrs. sail with a couple beers then she drives my a$$ home. I really
hate this time of year , short days , cold and no sailing. At least I can still ride.:)

caloso 11-12-13 06:50 PM

Another extender here. Direct route is about 4 miles, but I will typically leave the house early and take the 25 mile route.

fourknees 11-12-13 08:10 PM

12 miles and 650 ft of gain. Luckily the climb is in the middle, so I get to go uphill both ways!

human powered 11-12-13 08:18 PM

15 to 17 miles each way depending upon route. I usually ride only one direction per day (leave car at work, bike home, then bike to work the following AM and drive home) but occasionally do the round trip.

Bizman 11-12-13 08:35 PM

12.5 miles one way, with rolling hills, 5 days a week for work, leave 8:30 pm get there about 9:30, do my job, leave at 2:30 am, get home 3:30 am. Sometimes I make a trip in during the day and back before going in again at night, 3200 commute miles since May 16th Just ordered my Nokian 240 studded tires for the winter!

buzzman 11-12-13 09:36 PM

10.2 miles each way. 4-6 x's per week year round. I can do a slightly shorter version by taking the streets route but seldom take it. I usually lengthen the ride home by doing errands (grocery shopping).

I love my commute. The length is just right and it's one mile on quiet streets to the bike path, 8 miles on the bike path, and then 1.2 miles to my office. The path parallels the Charles River and I see hawks, owls, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, rats!:eek:, Canadian Geese, herons, ducks, and once the weather drops below 65 F or we get a drop or two of rain or snow and I have the whole path to myself.

daihard 11-12-13 09:40 PM

About 22 miles round-trip. 11.5 miles on the way in, 10.5 on the way home. 3-4 times a week.

CptjohnC 11-13-13 08:00 AM

Home to work is about 19 miles by my usual, relatively direct morning route. My most frequent alternative brings that up to 21 miles. The reverse trip is generally slightly (.5 miles?) longer, due to traffic patterns leaving DC. I rarely do it more than 3 times a week.

fietsbob 11-13-13 11:20 AM

Not any More .. was 12 miles ..Junction City to Eugene, Oregon. 22 years ago.

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