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gregjones 11-18-13 05:09 PM

I took thenomad's advice from litchic's pannier thread.

I like it a lot better than the rigid air brakes/panniers.

acidfast7 11-18-13 05:42 PM

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bit the bullet :(

LiteraryChic 11-18-13 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by cyclokitty (Post 16253572)
I bought a bike repair stand to do more of my own maintenance.

Nice! I would love one, but living in 230 sq ft with the bike and the kitty, does not warrant something of that nature right now.

LiteraryChic 11-18-13 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by acidfast7 (Post 16257435)

That is exactly what I said when I bought my VO Hammered Fenders, Monkey Lights, Reelights ... damn ... I've gotta stop adding lights ... :lol:

LiteraryChic 11-18-13 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by gregjones (Post 16257349)
I took thenomad's advice from litchic's pannier thread.

I like it a lot better than the rigid air brakes/panniers.

Glad to hear they are working out. Or, did you just get one for now? (Sorry, I'm not sure.) I just purchased the PoCampo Trunk Bag (cycling bags from PC are geared toward women, which is a nice change from all the blah black that is typically around), and am holding out until spring when they release a new version of their Loop Pannier. However, I still need a grocery store set-up and these are still in my contemplation range. :)

Ghost Ryder 11-18-13 09:45 PM


Originally Posted by acidfast7 (Post 16257435)

I got those for my road bikes but never got around to using them. I just can't bring myself to install them on my roadie... :(
They're really slick/steathly looking for road fenders!

I did get a set of full length fenders for my commuter. Ditched the clip ons & installed them before dinner.

noglider 11-19-13 07:22 AM

I got a sidewall generator off ebay. I haven't even decided which bike it's for.

And thanks to another thread praising it, I bought a Garmin Edge 200 GPS. I got an open package (actually a lack of a package) but new, on ebay for only about 88 bux. I'm excited. I'll need N (or N+1) mounts for it.

jrickards 11-19-13 08:35 AM

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Originally Posted by noglider (Post 16258764)
I'll need N (or N+1) mounts for it.

I bought one of these (the first 2 shown below) for my N+1 handlebar mount. + =

but they cost me $6 rather than $15

The nice thing about the clamp is that the "vice" end of the clamp will be attached to the handle bar of my bike and can easily be unclamped and moved to another bike with the lights attached.

arex 11-19-13 11:50 AM

New Schwalbe Marathon tires to replace my 20-y/o Avocet Cross-Ks. I hadn't realized just how bad the Avocets were getting.

fietsbob 11-19-13 12:31 PM

Ordered a B&M Eyc with a standlight, & IQ2 diode reflector technology, to replace the Lyt BN,
that lacks the standlight, so light goes off as soon as I stop..

for my Brompton-Shimano hub dynamo light set..

And an Ixon IQ battery headlight , with the same well engineered beam pattern.

The planet bike battery lights are still a more than decent flashlight.

OneGoodLeg 11-19-13 01:46 PM

Nitto Noodle bars, Cinelli Bar Tape, a bikerack, cargo straps for rack, new stem, new chain, Light & Motion Urban 700 (got a good deal), tubes, 2 blinkies (lost one already). Tonight I will be buying a new tire on my way home, my back tire has an odd defect that is causing problems in mounting and ride quality.

HardyWeinberg 11-19-13 02:36 PM

A new bell helmet that is full of vents. The nutcase just wasn't cutting it for me.

bmontgomery87 11-20-13 06:19 AM

new brake pads.
floor pump.

noglider 11-20-13 09:54 AM

Two sidewall generators, cheap, off ebay.

A barely used Garmin Edge 200

Ray R 11-20-13 10:29 AM

For my unborn Bill Holland path racer, Cinelli/RaphaNYC bar tape, black with pink highlights off eBay. Most expensive bar tape I ever bought. I wasn't about to lose that auction!

cooker 11-20-13 11:04 AM

New brake hoods. If I was persnickety I would have tried to get the original name brand Dia Compe non-aero hoods, but I'm not that fussy, so I "settled" quite comfortably for the Cane Creek knock-offs. I had a hard time finding the right length transverse cables for my cantilever brakes - they need a nub on both ends, but I finally found those too, so I am ready to replace worn out long brake cables, transverse cables, and hoods. I might not do it til spring as we are talking about my "summer" commuter bike, which I'm not riding now.

tarwheel 11-20-13 11:53 AM

I bought a new (used) frame and fork, Gunnar Crosshairs, and had my bike shop swap parts from my Gunnar Sport for the build. Sold the Gunnar Sport frame and other parts, so I have a lot of spare cash to use (if needed) for other parts and gear.

The Crosshairs didn't need much, but I had the LBS install a new chain, cables, bar tape and seat tube collar. I was going to keep using the tires that were on the Sport, but decided to replace them because they had a lot of miles and some visible cracking and dry rot. For the time being, I'm using some old Michelin Pro2 tires that I had on hand, but have ordered some Rivendell Ruffy Tuffy tires for the bike. Installed a rear rack and trunk bag, which I already had on hand.

I hadn't bought any winter clothes in a while, so I splurged on a Showers Pass Elite jacket because my existing Craft jacket is not well ventilated and sweats a lot in temperatures warmer than 50 F. Also ordered some new winter gloves, knee warmers and wool socks.

My final purchase was a Light & Motion Vis 360 helmet light, which I got mainly for safety and convenience. I have found that a helmet light works better than anything for preventing drivers from pulling out or turning in front of you. I had been using a flashlight attached to my helmet but the Vis 360 is lighter, less bulky and more effective.

Ky_Rider 11-21-13 03:26 AM

MetroFlash tail light arrived yesterday. So far I'm impressed with this cheap little light. Much brighter than my old light, which isn't saying much.

doublegg66 11-21-13 07:48 AM

after riding used and rebuilt bikes most of my life,I brokedown and bought a new 2013 Salsa Vaya3,swapped the racks and bags from my mountain bike,also mounted the if the snow clears from the streets I'll get a chance to ride and adjust the fit!

puckett129 11-22-13 12:00 PM

Hand-built wheels... XT hubs laced to Open Pro rims for my Macho Man disc build.

[email protected] 11-22-13 01:18 PM

Nothing for the bike; it continues to run perfectly and without problem (air tires, lube chain . . . otherwise no maintenence) but I bought De Feet wool long-finger gloves and De Feet wool (mostly) base layer for comfort on my cooler weather morning commute.

Rick / OCRR

muzpuf 11-22-13 01:31 PM

a guinness water bottle

Telly 11-22-13 02:01 PM

With the exception of my original post, the original Tektro front brakes on my Jamis Commuter failed today, so I ordered a set (front/rear) of Avid Single Digit 3 v-brakes which were on sale for the cost of a set of cheap v-brake pads.

Artkansas 11-22-13 02:12 PM

I added a thorn proof tube to my back wheel. But I had the tube sitting in the spare parts boxes for several years.

e0richt 11-22-13 02:45 PM

its weird but I buy stuff periodically for the bike but it takes a while for me to sit down and actually install it... but I bought a set of planet bike panniers with trunk bag and a seatpost rack (it has bars / guards to keep the panniers out of the spokes... I have gone on a couple of rides with it and everything seems to be working well)... also got a "cree 1500+ lumens" light off of amazon (based on recommendations in a light thread here) seems to work pretty well. I also have a light that puts out a yellow light for under the bike to help be seen, high vis vest...

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