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CitadelJohn 11-21-13 09:08 PM

Retro commuter part suggestions?
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I have a 1980 Lotus Legend on which I commute about 18 miles daily. It's the dry season right now in Charleston, but I know that won't last forever! I am trying to locate good, retro fenders and a nice rack/bag or pannier setup (so I'll stop sweating so darn much). I hope you will have some suggestions! I searched and looked through the forums here and I really couldn't get the info I was looking for. Thanks in advance.

lungimsam 11-21-13 09:38 PM

Try They have lotsa bags and fender stuff.


Also, Velo Orange.

JanMM 11-21-13 09:52 PM

Retro? A period-correct rack could be one from Jim Blackburn:

CitadelJohn 11-21-13 10:00 PM

Thanks for the ideas! I appreciate it!

blakcloud 11-21-13 10:36 PM

You may not be able to fit full fenders on that bike, the clearances look tight. Race blades may be a better choice. As for bags it depends on how much you want to carry.

fietsbob 11-22-13 12:32 AM

People like the Aluminum mudguards , several sellers Honjo ..

Berthoud, stainless steel ..

Sks , planet bike , popular plastic ones.. trek-bontrager offer some too..
they have a Bamboo wooden set too .

As a mechanic I cope with tight clearances , cutting the front off and re attaching it ahead of the fork

Leebo 11-22-13 02:23 PM

Velo orange.

tarwheel 11-22-13 03:24 PM

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Nice Lotus! The frame appears to have fender mounts on the dropouts, so I would presume it has room for fenders. Planet Bike Cascadias are really nice fenders that are easy to install, relatively lightweight and quiet. They come in black or silver. It doesn't look look like your frame has mounts for a rear rack. Instead you might consider a Carradice bag with one of their Bagman racks. Here are some shots of my Bob Jackson with Cascadia fenders and Carradice Barley bag.

CitadelJohn 11-22-13 04:11 PM

Tarwheel... That is exactly the form and function I'm shooting for.

jyl 11-22-13 04:48 PM

Nice bike! Nice crank!

You could look at the PDW Full Metal Fenders. They are not retro but are low profile and unobtrusive in gray metal. They fit tightly to 25 mm tires, which is why I like them versus the standard VO fender which accommodates a 32mm or larger.

A pic of my retro commuter with those fenders is here.

For bags, your rear fender eyelets will do double duty for a rack. Or, you could use a large Carradice saddlebag. Use the quick release mount and the Bagman support, and improvise a shoulder strap, and it will make a funky shoulder satchel to carry lunch, clothes, a small laptop.

CitadelJohn 11-25-13 07:51 AM

Those fenders are wicked. I ride 23s, but my biggest concern fender-wise is clearance under the brakes.

bikemig 11-25-13 07:56 AM

I like the bike a lot but it might be time to consider N+1. If you have a bike with longer reach sidepulls, or center pulls, or--even better--cantis, you will have no problem with a rack, fenders, etc. A cross bike makes a great commuter.

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