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landdnl 11-22-13 01:59 PM

Rapha Softshell Trousers
I'm needing some cycling pants that are as close as possible to the Rapha trousers(which have been discontinued) in terms of form and functionality. Any ideas? Man, I hate that they discontinued those!

noglider 11-22-13 04:56 PM

What features do you want?

landdnl 11-22-13 05:30 PM

They need to be a softshell, stylish enough that you won't be out of place in public, and be able to wear a thermal bib tight underneath. They have to have a good fit over winter boots(Northwave Fahrenheit) to keep water out. The Raphas are almost like dress slacks. I commute to work 12 miles each way.

fietsbob 11-23-13 01:18 AM
no personal experience I'm too old, poor & fat for them :50:

RidingMatthew 11-23-13 08:05 AM

not sure of your size but

FenderTL5 11-23-13 08:12 AM

Levis Commuter Trousers (maybe)

the sci guy 11-23-13 12:12 PM;men;pants
look at the seawall track pant (also comes in lined)
or towards the bottom the Mission pant

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