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cccorlew 12-13-13 01:16 PM

Rack for Ortlieb QL3 mounts?
I listened to the advice here and went with an Ortlieb bag, and it's pretty swell.
I bought a Ortlieb Downtown Commuter Pannier with the QL3 mounts

My rack works with it, but there is no real love. It's an old "Delta" that I think I got at REI.
I have to mount the QL3 entirely on the top rail of the rack as the struts are in awkward places.

This leaves the bag higher than I'd like (harder to toss a leg over, higher center of gravity), and also means I have to have it farther back than I'd have it if I could angle it (covers rear light too much)

Bottom line:
I want an Ortlieb QL3 Friendly rack that fits disc brakes. Not costing a zillion bucks would be a plus.

The Axiom DLX Streamliner Disc Cycle Rack is in the running, but I really have no experience with picking and want to make a good decision.

Tubus seems mighty expensive.....

Hints? Your story?

fietsbob 12-13-13 01:50 PM

picture offered Here:

got 3 mounting points in a fixed triangle. wire between the 2 parts..

looks like the bottom hook is the same as the one on their panniers.. rotates 360 .

I suppose the top rail uses the equivalent of P clips to fit onto the rack..

.. got the bag, ? will you consider bringing it into a bike shop and trying out racks 1st hand?

Axiom sells thru bike shops too..

Trek-Bontrager racks have some of the tube bends like Tubus, but use aluminum, instead of 4130 steel.

their disc rack has standoffs to mount wider, at the bottom, to clear disc calipers..

I have QL1 mount Ortlieb panniers , use 1 pair on my Bike Friday front rack.

tsl 12-13-13 01:57 PM

Sounds like you want a dual-siderail rack.

My Tubus Cosmo mounts the panniers lower. On the lower rail, the rearward QL3 thingie fits nicely between a leg and the taillight mounting loop, so the pannier doesn't slide fore and aft on the rail. This also keeps the lower tab in place behind a leg. The taillight mounting bracket is nice for reflectors or battery lights even if you don't own a dynamo lighting system.

A $50 alternative is the Bontrager Backrack Deluxe (get the L size). I have one. It's a rack, nothing special. The panniers don't mount quite as low on it--by maybe an inch. I have the black one and have wrapped electrical tape around the lower siderail in two strategic places to keep the panniers from sliding around. When budget permits, I'll replace it with a Cosmo.

urbanescapee 12-13-13 02:46 PM

I have another piece of bike luggage that uses the QL3 system (Ortlieb Vario Backpack/Pannier). My bicycle does not have disc brakes so this may not be of great value to you but... I have a Tubus Logo Evo Rear rack that has the second rail mounting position. Even on a rack with so many tubes available for mounting, I still found it a bit tricky to mount the QL3 system on the rack in a position that way far enough back to keep the pannier away from my heels (have US 13 feet). So for mounting the QL3 is attached a little crooked, but according to the instructions this is perfectly accpetable. What I have found is that, contrary to my intuition, the p-clips to mount the upper part of the QL3 to the rack work just fine on vertically oriented tubing (how I have them now) so long as you are careful to tighten them enough. I regularly carry 20 lbs of stuff in that one pannier and the QL3 system has yet to slide out of position with respect to the rear rack.

cccorlew 12-14-13 09:45 AM

Thanks all. urbanescapeeI think the the tilted mounting is supposed to be a great feature that lowers the chance of heal strike. Your rack looks like it would work for me.

fietsbob, I've been to shops, but the ones I can get to don't carry much in the way of serious racks. It's the innerwebs for me.

tsl I'd surely love a Tubus, but $.....

No Axiom experience out there? Maybe I'll roll the dice... We'll see.

fietsbob 12-14-13 11:38 AM


I've been to shops, but the ones I can get to don't carry much in the way of serious racks.
K Reist, You got BART and You can ride to Grant P's shop from Antioch.. To get something shiny ..

Gimme a break..

cccorlew 12-16-13 10:37 AM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16329646)

K Reist, You got BART and You can ride to Grant P's shop from Antioch.. To get something shiny ..

Gimme a break..

Rivendale carries one kind of rack, and it's the very pricy Nitto.

fietsbob 12-16-13 10:39 AM

How about Berkeley , bring the mount to any of their bike Shops.. Missing Link for example.

KonAaron Snake 12-16-13 12:41 PM

The QRL 3 system/bag is the only Ortlieb bag I haven't liked...the rack exoskeleton doesn't connect well to your rack...and I've had issues with it sliding and moving. The clamp system was not well thought out. I would suggest getting the QRL2 shoulder bag to others reading this.

cccorlew 12-17-13 08:25 PM

After much hand wringing I went wit a Racktime Addit. It's an aluminum rack made by the Tubus folks. But I used credit card points and got it through Amazon for about 40. Beats triple that in cash I hope.

I will ill post photos when it arrives and is installed.

cccorlew 12-22-13 06:03 PM

Here's the story with photos. Thanks again

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