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AlanKHG 12-23-13 10:17 AM

Chainring guard
I'm looking for a 130BCD 46T chainring guard in silver for commuting use (just to keep grime off pants, shoelaces out of the chainring, etc). Similar parts are not uncommon as original equipment on relatively cheap bikes (and it stands to reason that a part that's effectively a chainring without teeth, and thus much more generous tolerances, would be cheaper than a chainring), but it seems like most aftermarket parts are $40+ cyclocross-oriented bashguards, often with a relatively burly look. Any suggestions?

fietsbob 12-23-13 10:56 AM

K-edge cuts a lot of metal away from theirs, and if all you can find is black anodized, will you die of shame?
might be $40, they do color anodizing ..

You can take an old chainring and an hour with a file and take worn teeth off (wouldn't cut down new ones )

yes some companies mold plastic ones shimano sells the whole crankset
(your LBS may have some from old bikes, not sold separately,
[wont fit unless the chainrings were made for it to be there in the first place. ]

now in 130bcd Brompton makes a single chainring and a snap on plastic chainguard

in 44,50 & 54t


(and it stands to reason that a part that's effectively a chainring without teeth, and thus much more generous tolerances,
would be cheaper than a chainring)
except that the big factory has one machine, fully automated, is just making the same part all week long.
and another one making another part, repeatedly ..

Another sort, heres a link from someone else's [UK] post .. fits in the centre ..

Andy_K 12-23-13 11:40 AM

Try BBG bashguards.

xtrajack 12-23-13 12:01 PM

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It sounds to me like the OP is looking for some sort of "Bashguard" as opposed to something like a Chainboard?

I installed a Chainboard on my Xtracycle. My goal was to reduce the amount of crud that my crankset and chain were subjected to. I also made a piece to put on the other side of the bottom bracket, so that for all intents and purposes about 75% of the three chainrings are covered/enclosed, and the chain is covered on top and the right side (back to the V-racks on the Freeradical). I lucked out and the front derailleur fits and works under and inside the Chainboard.

It is still too early to determine whether or not the objective has been accomplished.

e0richt 12-23-13 12:26 PM

why don't you just buy a gaiter... or leg strap... I haven't had a problem using either leg strap or sometime just stuffing my pant leg into my socks (black would work best :) )

AlanKHG 12-23-13 02:08 PM

A leg strap is easy to forget, and isn't my preference. My current bike has a chainring guard, as depicted in this image from Wikipedia:
I find it does pretty well at keeping gunk off my leg and shoelaces and pant legs out of the drivetrain. A full chainguard is more than I'm looking for.

What I'm looking for isn't necessarily a bashguard, since a bashguard is designed to protect the chainring from damage. I'm looking to protect other things from being damaged by the chainring.

The cheapest Linus bikes have them:
So there's obviously someone in Taiwan or China cranking them out in quantity at a pretty low price, since the bike likely wholesales at $230 which doesn't leave any room in the BoM for a $20 part. Is there no retail source?

I have found a manufacturer called Driveline in Taiwan which apparently ships to the US, but they mostly have ones with a peened finish in stock, which isn't my favorite:
And ordering directly from Taiwan seems excessive for a small part.

fietsbob 12-23-13 02:33 PM

Tucking my Cuff into my sock works too ..

2_i 12-24-13 09:34 PM

You can normally get Driveline on Ebay with selection of sizes and even colors. They come with basic mounting hardware but most often you need to supplement it.

mrbubbles 12-24-13 09:51 PM

Based on the responses, it's obvious you folks don't adapt your bikes to yourself [not recommending appropriate chainguards], rather you adapt yourself to your bikes [recommending fredly stuff like using your socks or using straps].

The OP should be looking for something like this:

That's an SKS chainboard. There's various different models out there made by various different companies. Very common on Western European commuters and townies. No more dumb crap like using your socks or strapping your right side pants.

Andy_K 12-24-13 10:30 PM

Finding under $20 parts retail can be tough because there's so little room for profit. Most bikes you'd put a part like that on already have it. Your LBS might have one in the parts bin. A local co-op would probably have a pile of them somewhere. Otherwise, there's this: of the few online retailers I know that carries low end parts.

fietsbob 12-25-13 10:44 AM

Just that I already have 5 bikes with the disctype chain guards, some have derailleurs and triple cranks.

yea if you got an IGH, theres the Fully enclosing Hebie Chainglider too .

Schwinnsta 12-30-13 10:59 AM

I got a Driveline off eBay ( )and it came with all the mounting hardware. It works. Its not hard to mount. My chain ring is a triple.

slcbob 12-31-13 02:59 PM

EDITED TO ADD -- as far as I know, this only works with a single chainring / no front derailleur.

Veloorange chain guard, ~ $30

The bashguard-like things that mount to the chainring don't prevent your pant leg from getting slimed by the chain in the vicinity of the 10-11 o'clock part of the chainring as you're pedalling through the bottom of the stroke. A pant strap is still needed with one of those, but not really with this:

peterw_diy 01-01-14 08:02 AM

I'm not sure I follow the OP (do you like your current guard and just need one for a new bike or crankset?) but I'd like to note that the SKS chainboard works with front derailleurs. You're expected to break a small perforated section out of the top to allow the FD to move. I've had the chainboard on a Shimano triple setup and been happy with it.

acidfast7 01-01-14 09:00 AM

+1 on SKS Chainboard

specs are here:

note that the 199mm-sized version will handle between 46 and 48 teeth.

common in Germany and I hear great things about the durability of them.

cranks come off for installation as it's a very permanent solution that should last the lifetime of the bike.

this Excel file specifies which components are compatible with it.

good luck.

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