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tonyNGUYEN 12-31-13 06:29 PM

Rear Rack Clearing Fenders on a Hybrid bike
Hi Bikeforumers!

I am looking for a rear rack that will fit on my Kona Dew (2012) on top of my Planet Bike Cascadia II Hybrid Fenders.

I visited my closest nearby MEC around a month ago and checked out this following rack

I wasn't able to get the rack to clear the fenders as it was too short. I returned the rack to the MEC and asked one of the workers there if there was a rack available that would be able to clear the fenders. They told me the rack I had already purchased was already my best bet, and told me usually fenders and rear racks are not found on the same bike and it's one or the other. They told me about the option of just keeping the front fender and removing the back fender in order to fit the rear rack.

I personally really would like the keep both fenders attached to the bike. Are there any rear racks at a reasonable price ~$30 (the bike is just be used for the casual ~30min commute to school to hold books, school supplies, food that my backpack can't hold) that would be able to clear these fenders? Or are there any adjustments I can make to the MEC bike to get the rear rack to clear the fenders? Please note I live in Canada, our selection of products are usually limited compared to you lucky Americans :p

Murray Missile 12-31-13 08:37 PM

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Your MEC is full of it, here's a Nashbar rear rack over Planet Bike ATB fenders on a K2 hybrid. Set as low as I could get it, has a mile of upward adjustment from what you see in the picture. There are also seat post racks that would work but I'm not a fan of that type myself but they may work for you.

FBinNY 12-31-13 09:02 PM

Whether the rack clears the fenders often has more to do with the frame design than the rack. Rack legs are pretty much all the same length, but the height depends on where the mounting eye is on the dropout.

If the eye is avove the axle by an inch or so, the rack will ride high with plenty of clearance below for a fender. OTOH id the eye is low on the dropout, the rack will ride lower and the clearance will be tighter.

It's also important that the fenders have good adjustability on the stays, so you can keep them close to the tire when the mounting eye is high.

Of course the tire size is also a factor since fatter (taller) tires need the fender to ride farther out.

Your best bet is to get out a ruler and determine how long a leg you'll need on the rack for it to work, then ask for the leg length when buying.

Murray Missile 12-31-13 09:15 PM

Planet Bike Versa rack, height adjustable and disc brake compatible.......

kookaburra1701 12-31-13 11:54 PM

It's pricey, but I love my VO Campeur rear rack - the rack comes with several different mounting options, and the extra holes at the bottom means the height is very adjustable.

Here it is on my bicycle. The double-rail design also means that I can use a trunk bag with panniers and not have them interfere with each other.

tonyNGUYEN 01-01-14 10:16 AM

The Nashbar rack looks real nice but the shipping doubles the cost :(
Planet Bike Versa Rack looks real nice but I see many negative reviews about it on MEC:
That VO Campeur rear rack looks nice but I don't think I'm ready to spend $150 on a $300 bike :p

I'm looking this Topeak Explorer on ebay (seems like the cheapest source considering shipping costs to Canada):
Around $45 shipped, any opinions?

fietsbob 01-01-14 12:15 PM

Trek/Bontrager makes several racks to test fit on your bike, drop by the dealer & see.

guidosan 01-08-14 11:27 PM

You could get an Axiom 2429 Journey Adjustable rack. It is designed for wheels from 24" to 29". It has the bar to keep panniers out of the wheel, but unfortunately, it doesn't have and additional rail to keep the panniers separate from a trunk bag. Can still use panniers and a trunk bag, but an additional rail is nice to have.

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