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rdkopp0153 01-05-14 09:43 AM

3F. Bright sunshine. 2 inches of snow. Crisp. Loved it

dcb23 01-06-14 06:27 AM

Wet but winter warm riding in this morninging 45F /7C. Had all my rtain gear on and that overheated me...I dressed thinking we are already in the Polar Vortex but that all rolls in during the day today.

Will be a very cold ride home.

Greg M 01-06-14 06:43 AM

50f and fog this morning, should be mid 30s for the ride home. Single digits forecast for tomorrow a.m.
Sheez , stop the rollercoaster, I want to get off.

FenderTL5 01-06-14 06:57 AM

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5F NNW winds at 25mph making the wind chill -13.
We had rain yesterday followed by about an hour of snow. Very little accumulation but everything that was wet is now frozen - so lots of black ice.
I rode the mountain bike to the MTA lot (4 miles) then on into the office.

Tractortom 01-06-14 07:00 AM

Rode to work this morning here in Okeechobee, FL. Was 65 degrees and damp, with a bit of fog in the air. Good news is the kids are still off from school this morning, so the was very little traffic on the way in. Supposed to get to 75 today, and be pretty nice, but tomorrow the morning commute starts at 39 degrees with a high for the day around 50. Not sure if I'll plan to commute tomorrow or not... for around here, that's pretty cold.

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee, FL

tdsherman325 01-06-14 07:47 AM

Ive been riding the Schwinn in the morning and the Raleigh in the evening, but I got up this morning to find a flat tire on the Schwinn so I took the Raleigh. It was 11 degrees out so I think this is the coldest I've ever commuted in, as well as the coldest I can remember it having ever been in Abilene, TX.

I'm still not sure I like the saddle on the Raleigh. It's a little too padded, if that makes sense.

RCIIIcm 01-06-14 08:08 AM

I rode in for the first "regular" day of work from the new place I'm living! It's about 7 miles. It was pretty windy (~25mph), so that was frustrating, but it still only took a bit over a half hour. I'm a lot less nervous about doing the bike commute thing now!

tarwheel 01-06-14 08:30 AM

First bike commute of 2014, and it's shaping up to be a doozy. Normally I would have driven today as it was raining when I got up and the forecast is calling for a rather extreme change in conditions during the day with a strong cold front moving through. However, I missed commuting the first two workdays last week due to lousy weather, with even worse weather is expected tomorrow, and I didn't want to miss commuting the entire first week of the new year. The temperature was about 60 F when I got up, but it's supposed to drop to about 30 F by my afternoon commute. That meant I had to reverse my normal commuting gear, dressing very lightly this morning but carrying extra clothes to bundle up this afternoon. Complicating matters was the rain and strong headwind on my way to work, which made for a slow commute. Tomorrow I plan to drive as we are supposed to have the coldest morning temperatures (single digits) in more than 10 years and at least 5 degrees colder than my previous coldest commute, with a wind chill in the -5 to 10 F range. I don't have warm enough gear for those temperatures.

wphamilton 01-06-14 09:09 AM

Snowing this morning in Atlanta! I'm hoping for some accumulation but it's not really likely.

I considered this morning to be a practice run for this evening and tomorrow when we expect -15 C. It's been so long since I've seen that temperature that I don't quite remember how I handled it so I went in for overkill. Hopefully. I built a sort of hard-shell poagie out of cloroplast, but extended it all the way across to double for extra cargo capacity. It also blocks a little wind. Then I took some Plasti Dip rubber spray and doused an old pair of sneakers, which now have a kind of porous rubber exterior. Finally I found my old thermal insulated jumpsuit, must be 35 years old but still in decent shape. So far so good; I had to stop and strip off layers and unzip the jumpsuit, thinking I must have been mistaken and it didn't cool off yet. Well, we'll see.

spivonious 01-06-14 10:17 AM

Still no commutes for 2014 :( The weather is not giving me a break. It's supposed to be 3F with a 30mph crosswind when I wake up tomorrow. I simply don't have the right gear for temps that cold. Wednesday looks much better with temperatures in the mid 20s and lighter winds and then it's back to normal temperatures for the rest of the week.

Anyone else taking a break during the cold and snowy weather?

CommuteCommando 01-06-14 10:21 AM

Work day 3 of 2014 down. Uneventful ride.

PatrickGSR94 01-06-14 10:36 AM


Originally Posted by downwinded (Post 16381543)
Yesterday mornings 11F was a new low temp record for me. The wind was not too bad. Had a new base layer shirt that worked out well and wore pair of polyester sport pants over my jeans as well. Best of all, a pair of Visorgogs that I had on order arrived Thurs., so I got to try them out. They seemed to solve the fogging problem pretty well. All in all it was fairly enjoyable. Comments at work were priceless.:)

hmm Visorgogs might have to look into those because commuting with my balaclava and normal clear safety glasses are darn near impossible because of the fogging.

dramiscram 01-06-14 11:02 AM

First commute on the first work day of 2014 but it was a VERY BAD idea. Very icy at some point, I fell 4 or 5 times and had to ride in the middle of the road at some point. I now realize that last winter was very mild and that I was Lucky to ride my bike half the time

This winter is more 'normal' so I'll have to be careful and take the van when it's too dangerous. I already called my wife to pick me up tonight for the ride home.

redvette 01-06-14 11:27 AM

Today was going to be my first commute of the year but at -13 this morning...

PatrickGSR94 01-06-14 12:31 PM

Still no commuting for me yet. I might try for Thursday but there's a chance of rain that I'm not sure I want to deal with. We'll see.

scoatw 01-06-14 02:59 PM

We had an Arctic cold front move into the area bringing with it sub zero temperatures. AM was 21f. The aftn was -5f with strong winds. I wore my usual maximum cold weather gear and the visorgogs. It’s weird because at 4 am, at those temps , my visorgogs would be frosted over and my toes would be numbingly cold. But this aftn I rode all the way home with no discomfort in my feet and the visorgogs didn’t fog up. They would start to fog up so I’d uncover my mouth until they cleared themselves up again. I packed the NEOS’s expecting to need them for the aftn ride home. But wearing the snowsneakers and an extra pair of wool socks my feet stayed comfortable. The only thing I can figure is the sun must make that much of a difference. Because at night, anything below 5f. I’d have to break out the heavy duty stuff. The NEOS overshoes and the Uvex double lens goggles. Those don’t fog up, even with my mouth and nose covered up.

enigmaT120 01-06-14 03:28 PM

My first bike commute of 2014! It also may be the last dry one for a while, as rain is moving in tonight. It was about 30 degrees when I left the house, a little warmer than I expected. No moon, but the stars were out. Nice ride, but the road was busy, I got passed by 4 cars and an unloaded log truck in the nine miles. That's unusual.

Rcrxjlb 01-06-14 10:07 PM

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16*F this morning on the way to work, sunny but cold. Could probably do 1 hr ride in this weather. Stopped at QT for a cappuccino, check the gas prices this is why I ride...

loky1179 01-06-14 11:17 PM

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First ride of the year, on the coldest morning in about 20 years. -23F this morning for the 2.5 miles to the bus stop. Ride home 22 miles at -14F. Sunny, and I had the trails to myself. My feet did surprising well - this ride was about 10F colder than my previous coldest. Took almost 3 hours to get home.

Darth Lefty 01-07-14 01:18 AM

I'm on the injured list. I did one commute on 1/2 and my hip has hurt ever since. I have some kind of strain. It really started bothering me about 48hr after that ride so not sure it's bike related at all. The weather is nice here, too nice, we need rain, the lake is empty. But I'd rather be riding.

dcb23 01-07-14 06:06 AM

Brutal: Brutal cold: -7F/-14C Brutal headwidnd. Brutal windchill -11F / -24 C.

Toes were mostly fine with my wool socks and winter Mocs but my fingers just started tingling so I curled 'em all up in the palm of my gloves.

rumrunn6 01-07-14 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by loky1179 (Post 16389065)
First ride of the year, on the coldest morning in about 20 years. -23F this morning for the 2.5 miles to the bus stop. Ride home 22 miles at -14F. Sunny, and I had the trails to myself. My feet did surprising well - this ride was about 10F colder than my previous coldest. Took almost 3 hours to get home.

hard core:thumb:

spivonious 01-07-14 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by loky1179 (Post 16389065)
First ride of the year, on the coldest morning in about 20 years. -23F this morning for the 2.5 miles to the bus stop. Ride home 22 miles at -14F. Sunny, and I had the trails to myself. My feet did surprising well - this ride was about 10F colder than my previous coldest. Took almost 3 hours to get home.

I bow to your greatness. I chickened out this morning due to -1F and a 30mph headwind.

Tractortom 01-07-14 08:18 AM

No ride today. Coldest day in a year here in South Florida, with a good amount of wind, and a smattering of rain to make it all fun. So, I got in the Buick and drove to work, as I probably will most of the rest of the week if the forecast is accurate.

Tractor Tom in Okeechobee, FL

dramiscram 01-07-14 08:26 AM


Originally Posted by dcb23 (Post 16389426)
Brutal: Brutal cold: -7F/-14C Brutal headwidnd. Brutal windchill -11F / -24 C.

Around here it's called tuesday. :)

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