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acidfast7 01-16-14 03:21 AM

Some kids screamed "Rasta!!!!!!!!!" as I rode by today!

That's what I'm looking for!

dramiscram 01-16-14 05:52 AM

Last night I almost ran over a BIG racoon, it scared the **** out of me as it jumped in my headlight beam. I had to hit the brakes hard to avoid running over it, stupid animal... (the racoon, not me)

dcb23 01-16-14 06:09 AM


Originally Posted by acidfast7 (Post 16415096)
Some kids screamed "Rasta!!!!!!!!!" as I rode by today!

That's what I'm looking for!

I had a guy sing "Flashlight" by PArliament to me as I rode by one evening.

Nice ride in, cool, dasrk, slight headwind, dry.

trailmix 01-16-14 06:51 AM

Another good commute. 19, dry with a slight tailwind that helped me make pretty good time even though I was kinda bundled up. Some fool in a Mercury Sable pulled out in front of me, another fool pulled out in front of me in a Malibu and I had to jump an ice ramp but I made it. Central Kentucky is littered with underground streams that bubble up all over the place and there is one along my path that keeps the roadway wet most of the time and today it was a berm of ice. Naturally I expected ice due to the temp. but I didn't expect it to be so tall.

CommuteCommando 01-16-14 07:06 AM

Driving to Tijuana plant today. :(

May start biking it in the future, since it looks like I will be making this trip a couple of time a month. I definitely want to scout it much more first.

dramiscram 01-16-14 08:29 AM

Nice commute this morning, very light snow, -4 celcius, no Wind. If the weather is on my side I should be able able to ride more this january then in january 2013.

tarwheel 01-16-14 08:55 AM

Woke up to light rain with the forecasters predicting it would turn to snow. I decided to delay my commute and do some work from home, and the snow never materialized. Rode to work in light rain with temps in the mid-30s F, and it was a pleasant ride. If I hadn't missed a commute yesterday due to heavy fog, I might have driven today but I didn't want to miss two days this week.

e0richt 01-16-14 09:33 AM

nice... it was 38*F, but there was a small snow flurry happening (noticed before the ride but didn't notice it during the ride). winds at 12mph which didn't bother me until the end. Seemed a bit colder than the temp showed at the start of the ride but turned out it was fine.

arsprod 01-16-14 10:01 AM


Originally Posted by CommuteCommando (Post 16413123)
When I started forty pounds ago, I used to catch the bike rack equipped Cheater Shuttle for part of the ride. In three years working here I have gotten thinner, and fitter, and today I beat that bus to the stop I used to take it to. approximately to scale

Hands free, playing Sousa all the way. :thumb:

Way cool!

spivonious 01-16-14 10:08 AM

It felt cold this morning due to a 15mph cross/headwind even though the air temperature was around 30F. It was a battle getting into work. My legs are still not up to where they were before Christmas. Saw some flurries on the way in, which is always a pleasant sight.

It's supposed to warm up to the upper 30s today, and hopefully the wind will die down a bit.

spivonious 01-16-14 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by CommuteCommando (Post 16413123)
Hands free, playing Sousa all the way. :thumb:

:lol: Could I play Fillmore instead so at least it's good march music? ;)

PatrickGSR94 01-16-14 10:58 AM

OH MY GOSH!!! FINALLY my first commute of 2014!! :D

The bad thing is it set the record for my SLOWEST commute ever. 15.6 miles, 89 minutes moving time, 99 minutes elapsed time. Left home at 6:15 and it was after 7:50 when I got to work.

It was right around 30-32F this morning, but with a fairly hefty headwind. Plus I didn't get to bed nearly as early as I hoped last night and just felt kinda BLAH the whole way.

This evening I should have a good tail wind of 13-16 MPH, plus warmer temps, so should make much better time.

enigmaT120 01-16-14 03:37 PM

I'm over my little cold enough that I rode this morning. The moon was somewhere above the clouds giving things a pale glow. About 30 degrees at my house, and since I'm still coughing a little I bundled up more than usual. I was plenty warm. It was foggy down in the valley, but not quite so bad that I had to ride my brakes on the downhills. It's about as good as it gets this time of year. Colder and more clear would be better.

Telly 01-16-14 04:14 PM

We were expecting stormy/rainy weather throughout the day so I left with my rain gear, not bothering to take a jacket and ended up uncomfortably sweaty since it was dry and hot (mid teens Celsius) on both legs.

Putting aside the mild discomfort, the commute was great and a slight bit faster since changing to slick, low rolling resistance tires, but I did have a very unusual encounter on the way back home...

I was told to "use the sidewalk" by a cyclist! :twitchy:

I was keeping a pretty good pace (actually I was on the top range of my 3-speed IGH) and keeping a very high cadence, and wasn't taking up the lane so he had no sane reason for the sarcastic, nasty remark.

I eventually passed him on a small hill, and taking advice from people here at BF, I just smiled and waved... needless to say he didn't like that and I though I heard some not-so-polite words while he was trying to catch his breath. :thumb:

timvan_78 01-16-14 04:35 PM

Dark, foggy, calm, 39degF (4degC) this morning. Sunrise is still after 8AM here.

Commute was mostly enjoyable but I keep thinking about how worn/thin my rim is.

Mr. Hairy Legs 01-16-14 09:59 PM

Foggy this morning, but I managed to catch some sun...

metro2005 01-17-14 05:05 AM

I was late because i had to wait a veeeeeeeeery long time for the bridge :(

acidfast7 01-17-14 05:22 AM

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had to drive in today to pick up someone at the airport after work :(

did snag a parking spot though ... faculty parking isn't not so bad ;)

dcb23 01-17-14 06:08 AM

32F/0C the extra layer returns. A beautiful moon lighting up the Potomac River.

spivonious 01-17-14 08:21 AM

Drove today to let my legs recover (plus I had no clean biking clothes :)).

tarwheel 01-17-14 08:33 AM

Good week for cycling despite the spotty weather. Today was the coldest morning of the week but the best for riding because it was dry for a change. The roads have been wet every other morning this week, with light rain several days. Saw several other bike commuters, which was strange because I rarely ever see other cyclists on my route -- even during warmer months -- and the temperature was in the 20s.

I assume that the other cyclists I saw were newbies because they really weren't equipped to be riding early in the morning with low light. Two of the cyclists were riding along the busiest road on my commute route and were barely visible. Both had black backpacks that almost completely covered their backs. One was riding on the sidewalk and had no lights, front or rear, and was wearing dark clothes. The other was riding on the street with a very dim blinky light that wasn't visible beyond about 50' and a reflective vest that was totally useless while he was bent over his handlebars. I was going to give him some advice about visibility when we reached a traffic light, but he filtered ahead on the right and then ran the red light. Future Darwin Award winner, I guess.

redvette 01-17-14 08:34 AM

Another beautiful day with temps in the upper 20's and wind chill around 17/18 deg. Funny, On the way home yesterday a guy chased me on foot and was saying to give him his bike back...

Mr. Hairy Legs 01-17-14 09:39 AM


Originally Posted by redvette (Post 16418411)
Another beautiful day with temps in the upper 20's and wind chill around 17/18 deg. Funny, On the way home yesterday a guy chased me on foot and was saying to give him his bike back...

I take it you didn't give him his bike back? :lol:

arsprod 01-17-14 09:43 AM

The last few days of clear trail and roads were just a tease. Snow is back, about 3-4" so far and more later today, 19F this morning and supposed to drop to single digits by day's end. Think I'll leave early!

zacster 01-17-14 10:18 AM

34 this morning. My toes are still recovering. It is supposed to warm up some for the ride home.

I have a new wheel that I built, but didn't want to risk having something fail on a ride in to work. I'll try it tomorrow in the park.

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