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RamAlaRag 01-03-14 12:25 PM

First Commute to School
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Hi all,

Today was my second day of college for the winter quarter, we started yesterday. I have been planning on commuting to school since I started cycling about two or three months ago, and today was my first day.

Made it maybe 13 miles in and I got a flat and I don't have a mini pump yet, so I got a friend to pick me up, and now I am sitting in one of the college buildings having missed my class. So that wasn't so good.

However, I can already tell I am going to love commuting by bike. The road I commute on is very rural, little to no shoulder, and we have lots of traffic from log trucks, etc. So, hopefully the flats are not a common thing. My route is 15.1 miles one way.

I attached a map of my commute, hopefully it turned out well.

I guess the whole point of this post was to complain :crash:

Leisesturm 01-03-14 01:09 PM

Get a Topeak mini-pump. You don't need the top of the line. Gauges are nice but mine doesn't have one and I've not missed it. You aren't going to have the patience to get the tire to its rated pressure anyway. You do have a floor pump at home right. You do have tires rated to at least 90lbs. right? If mot I'd keep driving until I equip the bike better for a commute like that. Flats will be an issue with tires any less worthy than Schwalbe Marathons or their equivalent by other manufacturers. Even Marathons flat, but it isn't a weekly ocurrence like it can be with cheaper tires. Flats are your biggest worry but it wouldn't kill you to carry a multi-tool with allen wrenches, etc. I'd be doing that route on weekends with less traffic to work out the kinks. You need to strike a balance between hogging the road and upsetting the truckers and surfing the fog-stripe and risking a wipe-out. My experience is that northwest cagers are willing to cut a cyclist some slack but, their patience is very limited, if they perceive you to be a road hog they will be all over your six, and thats just pressure you don't need. It's already rainy and foggy and cold enough. Have fun.


spivonious 01-03-14 01:49 PM

Whatever you do, don't get the cheap Schwinn mini-pump at Walmart. I used mine twice and the pump lost its seal.

And I found it very humorous that you were heading to/from Centralia.

RamAlaRag 01-03-14 01:56 PM

Alright guys, thanks!

I am going to spend some money this weekend and get fully equipped.

And yes, our famous mine fire! I hate it here. :lol:

RamAlaRag 01-03-14 02:12 PM

Also, I do have tires rated at least at 90lbs, and a floor pump at home. The rear tire is a Schwalbe marathon, and the front is something called a Terrainasaurus(?)

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