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treadtread 01-03-14 08:52 PM

East coast snow storm
Everyone okay out there? Who commuted on a bike, and what was the experience like?

Dagmar 01-03-14 09:48 PM

My second day of bike commuting 7.5/8 miles was the day after the storm (today). It was great!

I don't know much about the bike. Mountain bike maybe? Hybrid? Tires are hybrid. I just floated my way through the snow and slush, slipping around a bit. It took me 1.5 hrs to get in. I hit up the local bike shop for a studded front tire for the ride home--what a difference! The trip home was a bit faster and generally less treacherous, but I really enjoyed the ride in both directions. Interesting!

I'd like to say that if I can commute in this, I can commute in anything, but I seem to like the very cold better than I like the hot. I also haven't done pouring rain yet. I haven't had a vehicle for many years (over a decade), but usually live within a mile of work/groceries, so this will be a switch.


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