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Italiansteel 01-05-14 09:17 AM

Dynamic Tempo Shaftdrive 8 speed Alfine bicycle
Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to brag about my 21" Dynamic Tempo bike that has about a 1000 miles on it...
I purchased a managers special from their web page ( with a few paint defects and used parts on it.
Ok , I stripped the bike and painted the frame.
I was happy with the workmanship construction and quality of parts and nuts and bolts.

Im very happy with the bike, how it rides and looks!

The only thing I changed was the forks, (suspension) and Pedals.
I have checked my bike every time I wash it I.E. nuts and bolts, cables and greased the back ring and pinion gear when needed. Regreased in less interval compared to oiling a chain about 300 miles .

Pictures won't load. Will get new pictures and repost.

acidfast7 01-05-14 09:28 AM

cool beans.

i'd love to see photos of it.

as far as alternative drivetrains go, you might be interested in this:

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