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Slaninar 01-08-14 02:06 AM


Originally Posted by acidfast7 (Post 16389306)

Why does the OP harass on the person potentially "hoarding?"

Some people have no class.

It is the USA tradition. Indians didn't want to sell the land also. They just hoarded it, useless - instead of joining the "progress"! :)

Chief 01-08-14 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by Leisesturm (Post 16388053)
Kid, there are people who have driveable cars that they allow to sit and languish until they... ... nothing... they just sit out in the yard, maybe under a tarp, maybe not... its a waste, but... its not like we are talking about something rare. Those vintage Peugot's are a dime a dozen. At least on the West Coast they are. Any co-op will have 3 for sale at one time. They will usually be gigantic 25" frames like the one you linked. You should be well over 6' to straddle a beast like that. Are you? Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. Come out west sometime soon, kid, the perspective will do you a lot of good. Any transit station will have more abandoned bikes worth more than your neighbors Peugot. Eventually the police take them and bike co-ops get them by some sort of process that I don't exactly know but I don't think it involves money (shudder). They then sell them to the biking community at extortionate mark-ups but if you ask really nicely you can often get one for what its really worth. FWIW.


Don't go to this link if you are squeamish about stubborn owners of classic vintage steel....

I've warned you.

Motolegs 01-09-14 05:42 AM

Whew, at least they aren't bikes! (cool site)

Dahon.Steve 01-09-14 07:11 PM

The woman who offered her Free Spirit for $50 dollars probably had kept the bike in good condition. My experience has been that women keep their bikes in much better shape and don't beat their bikes to death like men.

Also, the Free Spirit was not much different in terms of parts than his Schwinn. Even the bike he lusted after weighed about the same as his Sprint

hueyhoolihan 01-09-14 10:41 PM


Originally Posted by jon c. (Post 16388881)
The older I get, the more sympathy I have for crazy old guys. Some days it seems just a few quirks away.

tic toc... quirk (1), tic toc... quirk (2), tic toc... quirk (3) tic toc... tic toc....... tic.......... toc.,,,,,,,,,,,,.. pffffft you're crazy.

vredstein 02-17-14 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by rebel1916 (Post 16389644)
It appears that trolling is what the Enthusiast is enthusiastic about.

Good call. Read a more recent post, got suspicious, read "WD40 or motor oil"- suspicions confirmed.

Sangetsu 02-17-14 11:41 PM

Someone once told me about a 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T that was rotting under a tarp in someone's driveway. I asked a friend who lived in the neighborhood about it, and he confirmed he had seen the car, and offered to buy it several times. The owner always sent him away, telling him something about shooting trespassers.

I decided to see for myself. The car was there. I knocked on the door, and a man answered. I asked him if the car was for sale. He said "Yes, but I'm asking a lot of money for it."

"How much?" I asked. "$600" he said.

I took some money out of my wallet, "will you take $500?" He took it. A few gallons of gas, some air in the tires, and a new battery, and I drove it home. Other than a bit of faded paint and a slippery clutch, it was a great car.

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