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Italiansteel 01-10-14 08:38 PM

Dynamic Tempo shaftdrive super ride
3 Attachment(s) I love this bike...

-=(8)=- 01-10-14 10:35 PM

I had one. Please take my word on this . . . Keep the bottom end and those gears in there tight and greased up.
There is what I feel is a design flaw in that there isnt enough "meat"(?) on the gears and when/if they wear, the
bottom bracket becomes a symphony of crunchy sounds_ gears slipping teeth, etc . . . :eek:
Otherwise, its cool to ride with no chain grime and spray.
I liked the quiet hummmmmmm noise it made going down he road.


Italiansteel 01-11-14 11:15 AM

They have re vamped the meat. And I have found out that the crunching noises people must have is from the shaft housing rub bin against the frame b.b.!
Alittle lube and there is no noise. I first heard the noise and knew it wasn't a gear , sprayed wd40 down seat tube and the noise stopped.
And its a great bike PERIOD. Please look into a super Bicycle

gregjones 01-11-14 11:26 AM


"The Synergy Road 8 is a performance road bike that uses"................a chain.

chaadster 01-11-14 11:28 AM

It would be super cool if the drive shaft tube were structural, and they could eliminate the chain stay on that side!

fietsbob 01-11-14 12:46 PM

suspension fork :wtf: sports toy marketed ,as usual rather than un glamorous commuting, utility..

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