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duckbill 02-03-14 09:16 AM
Lowe Alpine Airzone Spirit 25.
After years of trying various packs, there is no doubt that a pack specifically designed for cycling that keeps your back dry in summer heat is the way to go.

sirtirithon 02-05-14 08:11 PM

I wear a Camelbak MULE half of the time when I need extra water or storage space. Its the bicycle specific model so it has a loop for a tail light and helmet clips.

irishtexmex 02-07-14 11:42 AM

+1 for Osprey packs.

Another great option is the Deuter Supercommuter.

Living in Texas, you can see that I have an appreciation for packs that have a suspension system to provide as much airflow between the bag and your back as possible.

blacknbluebikes 02-07-14 12:45 PM

If one is looking for something a bit more 'low profile' ...

This is also a fabulous piece of kit, but it's a bit large for my needs...

I-Like-To-Bike 02-07-14 02:02 PM

Any backpack that will hold all your commuting "stuff" and fit on rear rack or in a basket mounted on the bike is superior to ANY kind of backpack carried on your back, shoulders and/or neck while riding.

Blopslee 02-07-14 09:45 PM

+ 1 on the Ortlieb Packman Pro2 mentioned earlier.

Looked at lots of great packs when I bought it, but in the end had to go for the totally waterproof pack. I think it is great to be able to forget about the possibility of anything getting wet even in the most intense downpour. Feels pretty comfortable as well.

Hangtownmatt 02-09-14 10:25 PM


Originally Posted by rekmeyata (Post 16429547)
There is no "best" backpack, there is only best if the pack fits you comfortably, will handle what you carry without problems, will allow air to pass between the pack and the back. Personally I don't like backpacks, but for short commutes their fine. Bike shops sometimes sell backpacks for cycling but unless they have some sort of system for raising the pack off the back a bit for air to get between the pack and your back then it doesn't matter if you get it from a cycling store or a camping store.

This is the best advice you are going to get. I, however, like backpacks and have been using the Koki Vespa for the last few years. Here's a link to a thread I started when I first got it:


thecyclingadmin 02-10-14 06:43 PM


Originally Posted by GeneO (Post 16430127)
I am partial to my Mission Workshop. Waterproof, very lightweight, quality workmanship, made in USA and lifetime warranty. I have the VX Sanction. Fits my needs in size for my 33 mi RT commute. Only cons are it is a bit pricey, and doesn't have a loop for a taillight.

Disclaimer: I don't mind my back getting sweaty and I have a shower at work.

I like the Mission Fitzroy Rucksack myself.

irishtexmex 02-17-14 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by thecyclingadmin (Post 16484865)
I like the Mission Fitzroy Rucksack myself.

I bet you also like to play video games while on your bike. Any interest in hopping back in, in say... oh, two weeks? ;)

thecyclingadmin 02-17-14 10:51 AM


Originally Posted by irishtexmex (Post 16502693)
I bet you also like to play video games while on your bike. Any interest in hopping back in, in say... oh, two weeks? ;)

lol - I kinda miss that game but I haven't really had the time, I've been training for racing lately and don't commute to work anymore so I never pass through downtown. Trying to upgrade to cat 3 at the moment.

SlowCrank 02-17-14 04:59 PM

I don't know if this is the best, but it's convertible backpack/pannier - - I've had my eye on this for a while, but haven't seen too many reviews.

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