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bikebreak 02-12-14 02:05 PM


Originally Posted by WestMass (Post 16453354)
I'm 30 years old. I can't ever remember a winter this cold.

Yes. Only commuted twice in the past month, using my old mtb.

tjspiel 02-12-14 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by JCNeumann (Post 16468515)
This winter is a PIA for the wild temperature swings. But...not the coldest.

Coldest I can remember was 93-94 in Boston, in particularly January. Below zero for about a month with nasty snow and wind chills.

This year for Chicago must be close, though. I helped a colleague walk through setting up a block heater for his car - he's never had to do that before..

in terms of pure cold, hard to beat Finland and Sweden. I played hockey there for a bit, and I don't remember the exact temps, but you could drive a car on most ponds. The air literally felt blue in December.

It might be very cold in Sweden and Finland but driving on lakes in these parts during the winter is quite common. There are whole villages of fish houses on area lakes. Some even have plowed "streets", pizza delivery, and garbage pickup.


fietsbob 02-12-14 02:46 PM


purdue is close enough to chicago for government work.
Which Branch?

maybe A Bombs, but not U2 Spy plane Photographs..

steve0257 02-15-14 11:31 AM

We had a series of brutal winters in the early to mid 1970s. Stretches where the daily highs were below 0 F. What has done it for us this winter is the wind. It seems any time it got cold, the wind would pick up. Nothing like being out in -15 F with 20 mph winds.

RoadTire 02-15-14 11:46 AM

Naw. But I'm older than I ever have been and the repetation is begining to chill my love the winter wonder land. I need to either move farther north / rural so there are more things to do in the snowy woods or farther south so I can road-bike and camp all year 'round. The shorter good-snow-urban environment-getting-in-the-way-of-bicycling-the-highways just doesn't cut it. Today is't just right to ride the snow singletracks but it's snowing and I don't have goggles yet... next year though.

AceFahrenheit 02-16-14 11:50 PM

26 year old Minnesotan here. **** this winter...

no motor? 02-18-14 12:57 PM

It's finally above freezing here, and it's so nice to finally see all that nasty frozen stuff outside thaw!

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