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rumrunn6 02-11-14 02:12 PM

epic commutes Tuesday thru Friday for the Eastern part of the US
who has the brass you-know-whats to get 'r done? :-)

hey don't take unnecessary risks! this forum needs members! :/

enigmaT120 02-11-14 03:17 PM

"It aint me, babe." There are probably a few Portlanders with recent experience who could give it a go.

wphamilton 02-11-14 03:33 PM

I telecommuted from home today so I missed it - my entire department is working from home. I think I'm doing the commute tomorrow though and I'll let you know if I make it.

bigbenaugust 02-11-14 03:38 PM

We'll see. I intend on riding tomorrow, but Thursday is a maybe. It's only three miles and if schools are closed and UNC cancels classes, I will have the road to myself.

Consularrider 02-12-14 03:20 PM

If we're open tomorrow, I'll be riding in. That said, I expect a decision by OPM this evening that we'll be closed tomorrow. Proably even money that we'll have at least a two hour delayed opening on Friday.

rumrunn6 02-12-14 03:25 PM

my jury duty in Woburn MA got canceled for Thursday

spivonious 02-12-14 03:29 PM

Except for the guy who lives 1/2 mile from the office, my entire department is planning on logging in from home or taking a PTO day tomorrow. Forecast is for 14"+ by the end of the day.

Greg M 02-12-14 05:16 PM

Not me. I have to be in at 2am just when it begins in ny. And with the way it looks , won't be home
for 24 hrs. But on the upside looks like 40 degrees next week.

Darth Lefty 02-12-14 06:58 PM

Was watching the weather over there for work reasons today... good luck!

RidingMatthew 02-12-14 07:03 PM

i drove today! 3+inches by the time i got home. I am going to burn a PTO day tomorrow. Work put other people in a hotel within walking distance. I am going to work on playing in the snow with my kids and my bikes. :)

1nterceptor 02-12-14 07:04 PM

Rode to work this morning, 14F.
Biking home the temps were around 23F.
New York City 14F/-10C by 1nterceptor, on Flickr

bigbenaugust 02-12-14 08:57 PM

Rode in and it was nice. Cold, but nice. Was the next-to-last guy out of our group to leave at 13:15 and there was already over an inch on the ground. I aired down the tires, took my time, and went for it.

Campus is closed tomorrow, so I guess it's a weather day.

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