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mBottorff 02-12-14 02:00 PM

Spoke Lights!?
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Spoke light recommendations?

I'm in SoCal so being seen (SEEN) is critical. These nice people down here struggle . . . even when I'm in a nice buffered lane (from Pomona to Claremont). I'm looking for better spoke lighting. My Night Ize (SpokeLit) work okay but they're starting to become unreliable and inconsistant. I particularly love the blink.

The Night Ize (See'Ems) don't blink -- bummer. Other ideas?

spivonious 02-12-14 02:13 PM

I've got the same thing. Aside from the battery being low and thus not very bright, it's held up fine. I ride in sun/rain, hot/cold. What issues have you had?

mBottorff 02-12-14 02:49 PM

My front light stop working consistantly. 1/4 of the way into my commute I'd have to turn it back on. It stayed working at that point, though. When I had time (remembered) I opened it up. The batteries fell right out of the unit. They were clearly not being squeezed in there tight enough. I did some light surgery on the paper-thin lead and it appears to be okay now but still the batteries feel a bit loose. I wonder if this isn't the inherent effect of the flex needed to keep the light in the spokes. THAT, and the relatively strong pressure needed to turn those bad-boys on/off.

fietsbob 02-12-14 02:54 PM

just keep the reflective band around your tire sidewalls relatively clean

head and taillights with a 180 degree angle of view should be adequate..

It is for me anyhow..

a simple Retrofit is Reelights

..the magnet is on the spokes..
Basic model, a light, white faces forward, red faces back
is attached to the axle ,, the LED blips on every time the magnet induces a current in the light ..

there is a coil of wire in there .. the electricity by induction principle.
get 2 magnets per wheel means 2 pulses per rotation.

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