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Leebo 02-14-14 12:15 PM

Large Fenders
Looking for large fenders to put on my Karate Monkey. I will be running 29er 2.1 tires. Other choices besides planet bike? Recommendations please.

fietsbob 02-14-14 01:11 PM

Maybe SKS .. or get some aluminum, sheet stock in a flat strip and make your own.

alan s 02-14-14 02:13 PM

Fat bike fenders, but may be too wide for your purposes. PB 29er fenders are 65mm and should be sufficient. Saw a set at REI a few months ago, and they are beefy.

irwin7638 02-15-14 09:57 AM

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SKS makes a nice 29er fender. I put 55mm on my Hunqapillar, they have optional QR fenderstays and slide on or off in a jiffy. They're made in 4 sizes. I think the largest is 65mm.


trike_guy 02-15-14 03:24 PM

I have the Planet Bike Cascadia fenders on my wife's commuter 29-er, and really like them. The best fenders I've ever seen.

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