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DTG 02-15-14 09:28 PM

Riding gear........thoughts?
I've been browsing the internet this evening since the rain here in Portland is just on another level. So it's giving me time to find a few cool looking clothing options for the commute or ride around the city in general. I found some gloves with turn signals on them and I must say they look kind of cool. For those that want to check it out, then it's

Other item I wanted your opinion on is a rain poncho. I'm looking at this one in particular. It's made right here in the U.S. as well.

CB HI 02-17-14 01:19 AM

Giant Doofus 02-17-14 09:55 AM

The rain cape looks nice, but $239 is a little steep for me.

irishtexmex 02-17-14 12:12 PM

I absolutely love the Levi's Commuter line, but am perfectly happy to admit that there's better stuff out there. (Though usually with a price to match.)

That being said, their Hooded Trucker Jacket (in green) is a very stylish jacket, and I love their 511 commuter pants too. Perfect amount of good fashion & good on-the-bike ability thanks to the elastic used in the construction.

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