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rhm 02-18-14 11:54 AM

I cannot eat while pedaling. I need to breathe!

RPK79 02-18-14 11:59 AM

CommuteCommando 02-18-14 05:55 PM

I would grab something light, usually a bar of some kind. Kelloggs Nutrigrain are small. Have a fifteen minute drive to an hour train ride before biking to work so I don't need to eat on the bike, and don't on short rides. For the commute I often get up early enough to start a pan of steel cut oats to simmer while I shower and shave.

imi 02-19-14 06:48 AM


Originally Posted by rhm (Post 16506038)
I cannot eat while pedaling. I need to breathe!

Try not sucking food into your lungs...


rhm 02-19-14 06:59 AM


Originally Posted by imi (Post 16508335)
Try not sucking food into your lungs...


My point precisely!

locolobo13 02-19-14 07:06 AM

I break my fast when I get to work. Usually a Clif bar with McD coffee.

SMorrison 02-19-14 11:44 AM


Originally Posted by imi (Post 16505287)
Darn! Coffee all over my keyboard! ;) :thumb:

You're too kind, to make an old man feel good. So, the list of things one may find to eat on a bike continues:

"No birds here. There are snakeses, wormses, things in the pools. Lots of things, lots of nasty things. No birds, he ended sadly."

;) This is as much fun as bicycle haiku. Poor BForumers think we're crazy; but that clip with the croissant got to me. No coffee left?

Motolegs 02-19-14 07:53 PM


Originally Posted by locolobo13 (Post 16508377)
I break my fast when I get to work. Usually a Clif bar with McD coffee.

The Clif peanut butter (or favorite flavor) are pretty darn good. Coupled with the kick of Mc' dees coffee, you are on to something!

Matariki 02-20-14 07:28 PM

+1 My first thought as well.

devianb 02-20-14 09:33 PM

I would rather sacrifice some sleep, get up earlier, and eat a proper breakfast. I don't find it easy trying to ride with one or no hands while eating something, especially in the winter. As a last resort I will chomp down on protein bar quickly before I leave.

wsgts 02-21-14 02:28 AM

I usually stop at a local breakfast place on the way and have my coffee and eggs, then finish the remaining 2 miles out of 11.

LAG-bolt 02-21-14 11:18 AM

I pack everything the night before ... Lunch, clothes and work items. So in the morning I start the coffee pot, toast a bagel and get bike out of garage. Then while loading the bike I eat the bagel and drink some orange juice. Strap thermos to rack and off for my 5 mile ride. I finish breakfast at my desk, oatmeal or bowl of fruit.

Ramona_W 02-21-14 10:57 PM


Originally Posted by RPK79 (Post 16506053)

Oh my god! Every time I'm scrolling through down the page to get to the latest post I see that croissant and start to drool.

zonatandem 02-21-14 11:11 PM

Go to bed half hour earlier; get up half hour earlier. Plenty time to eat breakfast at home.
Cycling in traffic deserves you full attention. So does eating breakfast.

Don in Austin 02-22-14 02:19 PM


Originally Posted by brianinc-ville (Post 16499650)
Forgive me if this topic has come up before -- my search didn't turn up much. Anyway:

Right now, I'm on an earlier schedule than usual at my job; I'm finding it hard to get to work on time and also eat breakfast. Usually, breakfast loses. So I was thinking about whether I might be able to eat on the way. I usually eat peanut butter or cheese on toast, along with an apple or some other piece of fruit; most of my ride is on quiet residential streets, but occasionally I'd need to put the food down and ride two-handed in traffic for a few blocks. Does anybody do this? If so, what do you eat? Do you have some kind of food-holder arrangement on your handlebars?

I am good for up to 40 miles on an empty stomach -- not counting the essential nutrient of coffee with no sugar but milk. On my ride mornings I make my breakfast the night before and put it in one of my bottle cages in the morning. Smoothie with whole milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, whey powder, sometimes blackberries, strawberries, blueberries or a banana. I get queasy as hell unless I wait till after the ride to drink this and then it tastes wonderful.

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