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spivonious 02-18-14 01:06 PM

7 miles; Lancaster to Lititz, PA.

minaa 02-18-14 01:14 PM

4.5 one way, if I don't take shuttles/light rail. I commute to San Mateo from San Jose, CA. :) ETA: Whoops! I should clarify. I commute using train, bike, and other various public transit services.

Chief Brody 02-18-14 04:59 PM


Originally Posted by SpiritCyclist (Post 16506065)
5 miles/ Providence, RI

Chief Brody, curious about where you are commuting to and from in Portsmouth. I just moved up to Providence from there.

I live off of Bristol Ferry Rd...there's not much more of Portsmouth to the north of me. I commute to Chases Ln in Middletown.

scroca 02-18-14 05:02 PM

6 miles. Great Falls, MT

zacster 02-18-14 06:56 PM

10 miles each way, Brooklyn to Midtown Manhattan.

awfulwaffle 02-18-14 08:42 PM

8.5 miles, Glendale WI to Milwaukee WI

ZmanKC 02-18-14 08:53 PM

6.5 to 7 miles depending on route. Overland Park/Mission, Kansas.

wsgts 02-18-14 08:57 PM

9.5 - 10.6 miles each way, according if I want the safe route or the fast route. Depending mostly on how long I overslept....


doublegg66 02-18-14 09:43 PM

Three miles-western Nebraska.

LAG-bolt 02-18-14 09:46 PM

5 miles each way, Vancouver Washington

gregf83 02-18-14 10:05 PM

33km each way, Vancouver Canada.

rykusmo 02-19-14 03:24 AM

once a week 44.7km each way, Bogor-Jakarta, Indonesia

dude72 02-19-14 06:49 AM

around 6 miles one way. Vienna - Austria - Europe

Tractortom 02-19-14 07:00 AM

7.5 miles each way on rural roads and highways here in Okeechobee, Florida. Three miles are on a marked 'bike route' on the highway, but the rest is neighborhood streets and rural roads.

locolobo13 02-19-14 07:02 AM

5.5 mi to work, 4.6 mi home, most of it in a bike lane. Phoenix

dramiscram 02-19-14 08:53 AM

27.5 kms (17 mi) one way traveling from my hometown St-Césaire to St-Hyacinthe where I work, In Québec, Canada.

Billb59 02-19-14 11:47 AM

12.3 mi. in
11.1 mi. home

take a different route in to avoid several dangerous right hand turn intersections with morning traffic.

cwar 02-19-14 12:21 PM

4.4 Miles to Home to Work (175 feet of gain)
4.6 Miles to Work to Home (500 feet of gain)
Seattle, WA

PaulH 02-19-14 12:38 PM

Ten miles, Arlington, VA.

mstraus 02-19-14 01:18 PM

16-17 miles each way. I live in Mill Valley, CA but commute into San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. Humbly I have to say this must be one of the more scenic bike commutes you could do.

HydroG33r 02-19-14 01:34 PM

13.5 miles each way; Vancouver, BC.

KenshiBiker 02-19-14 02:05 PM

About 14.5 miles each way (a little shorter going to work, a little longer going home); a little over 10 miles of it on the MUP. Just east of city of Sacramento.

TwoFourOne 02-19-14 02:06 PM

About 6 miles each way. Florida.

rumrunn6 02-19-14 02:27 PM

I did 17 ea way for a couple years not every day not year round, then when we moved and it dropped to 13 ea way I got serious and went year round though not every day. 13 is perfect in my opinion. long enough to warrant the hassle with food clothing and nutrition planning. 17 wasn't too bad but 13 is like a little over an hour give or take depending on weather and that's a good commute time, even in a car. longer than that and it gets into more of your day. multiply that by the round trip and it really sucks up time.

I'm at 22.5 miles now ea way and haven't done it on a week day yet, even after almost 3 yrs. I've done about 1/2 dozen weekend trials. I'm looking to leave this place but if I don't this spring/summer I just might get a weekday ride in ...

mustridebikes 02-20-14 06:50 AM

7 miles each way here in sunny Wilmington, NC. Temps in the 70s in February can't be beat!

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