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LordMarv 02-20-14 12:35 AM

Rubena Tires
Does anyone have any experience with the Czech Rubena tires? I'm looking at the V66 Flash tires with anti-puncture feature, wondering if anyone has used these? I would be using these for city commuting. I'm aware of the other good tires on the market, but these have me curious. Thanks. (I read they have been making bike tires since the 20's, and are the only tires still made in Europe)

Fizzaly 02-20-14 05:46 AM

I haveno first hand experience with them, but my local co-op has started to carry their tires and the employees really like their stuff and i I trust their opinon. I'm waiting for them to stock the size I need and I'm gonna give them a try, I've had pretty bad luck with tires last year so I'm pretty open minded at this point.

LordMarv 02-20-14 06:50 AM

What is the name of this coop Fizz, maybe I can order from them directly? Looking for a 700 x 35c tire.

Fizzaly 02-20-14 06:16 PM

Boise bicycle project, I'm pretty sure you have to be a member to order through them but I'm not 100%.sure. You could always give them a call and worst they say is no sorry. If they are currently stocking the size you need we may be able to set something up lemme know I do paypal.

lee kenney 02-20-14 06:41 PM

M.E.C. carries them , good $ value

NormanF 08-06-14 02:58 AM

They're highly regarded Czech made bike tires. They've been made under the Rubena brand since 1923 and they're sold all over Europe.

Only in the last year or two have they entered the US market.

Slaninar 08-06-14 03:55 AM

They are cheap in my country and last long. Quite resistant to cracking when left in the sun day after day. Got a pair on my commuter. Regular, non "flat resistant" pair, on an 80s MTB i use every day.

NormanF 08-06-14 09:07 AM

The City Hopper v99 is the cheapest 29 X 2.0 balloon tire I've seen from Amazon at $17.00! Could be paired with Mr. Tuffy for flat protection. The flat protection version at $25.00 is still reasonable and the latter when bought as a pair - includes free shipping!

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