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tigerteeuwen 03-26-14 05:50 PM

a simple pallet bike rack that i made at work.
Lunch time at work, no where to go. I walk past a pallet and suddenly get a bright idea. I was tired of having my bikes leaning against each other, and leaning against the wall.

though, when i got it home, i thought of a few ways that i would like to change it, but that will have to wait until the snow melts outside! :winter2:

but for now i am happy that i don't have them in a tangled mess leaning against each other.

EnsitMike 03-26-14 05:59 PM

Nice! :thumb:

NOS88 03-26-14 06:15 PM

Simple and effective.

downwinded 03-26-14 06:58 PM

That's using your head for something besides a hat rack! Good job!

tigerteeuwen 03-28-14 09:37 PM

well, i had a look at this today and i decided it was too tall, and didn't look nice.

so i modified it! much happier with it now!

it will be nice coming home from work this spring and having a proper place to park my bike after commuting rather then leaning it against a wall!

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