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en2ec 03-31-14 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16629864)
You Pay the 1 time fee, get the membership , then your purchases get some dividend reimbursement next year.

Abus bordo granit folding link lock is east to carry ,,

But you don't get the dividend on what you buy with a member coupon. I hadn't realized that when I bought the bike, but I'm still happy with the price and purchase.

The granit folding lock looks really good, though about $50 more than the Grant-X u lock. Is it long enough to go around the front wheel and frame in typical bike racks?

fietsbob 03-31-14 08:44 PM

No.. though neither will a U lock.. unless you remove the front wheel ..

for that I also have a Chain with an integrated lock, they make too ,

the combo is easier to carry than a U lock ..

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