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RubeRad 04-02-14 03:24 PM


Originally Posted by Wits_Of_Fury (Post 16622106)
I want STIs on my LHT, as I'll be navigating the streets of San Francisco and for personal preference.

You might consider Retroshifts

Brennan 04-02-14 04:01 PM

I live in the Bay Area too. I've used a double on a Cross Check for several years, either a 48/36 or a 46/34 with an 11-34 cassette. It's all I need for normal commuting/riding, but I also use it for occasional short tours. I managed ok with the double, but the loaded climbs really had me thinking about a triple. I finally made the conversion just recently. I certainly miss the relative simplicity of the double for normal riding, but that's the tradeoff for easier climbing during tours/bike camping.

old's'cool 04-02-14 05:14 PM

In my fleet of doubles, with crossover gearing, and triples set up as single-step or half-step plus granny, I find the triples less complicated to shift, as I use the granny very rarely (but it sure is great to have it when you need it!).

PennyTheDog 04-03-14 06:55 AM

I use a single 36 ring in front (11 to 32 in back). I never feel like I'm out of gears. I don't do it for weight-- I do it because it makes cleaning and maintenance so much easier.

Mr IGH 04-03-14 10:43 AM


Originally Posted by PennyTheDog (Post 16637728)
I use a single 36 ring in front (11 to 32 in back)....

I'd find that combo fine when I lived where it's flat and less than 1000ft elevation. Here in CO it can really help to have some lower gears, esp with a couple of growlers or a load or groceries. OP is in San Francisco, I understand they have a few hills there....

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