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deathtocars213 03-29-14 03:58 AM

Hybrid or Mountain Bike?
Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here goes.

I ride to and from University everyday, I do not drive a car, so my bike is my sole form of transport. I am looking into buying a new bike and need help deciding between two bikes.

1) Cube, Attention, 29er, 2014, $1200.
2) Cannondale, Badboy 5, 2014, $1200

I am 100kg, 6 foot 3, and like to ride fairly rough, my last bike was a Giant cypress, hybrid, $550, it fell to bits, the wheels were constantly going flat, and the rear rim was actually bent out of shape. It was far too costly to continue having.


WestPablo 03-29-14 07:24 AM

The Cypress is a nice bike. Sounds like you just may have had a serious wheel problem. I would suggest that you give more detail about the type of riding you'll be doing if you'd like to have more useful advice (like mention the type of terrain, etc...).

Otherwise, I would suggest that you avoid a suspension fork, if you're not doing much serious off road riding. Of the two options that you've offered, I'd go with the Badboy.

gregjones 03-29-14 09:25 AM

The Giant was not responsible for the flats and bike wheels do get bent. "I am 100kg, 6 foot 3, and like to ride fairly rough" might be contributing to your problems. A new bike won't make those gremlins go away.

Badboys are so cool looking........I'd almost get one because of that.

fietsbob 03-29-14 01:22 PM

Un maintained bikes treated roughly will all fall to bits , no matter what kind they are

OK maybe a Shop Floor heavy Worksman Cruiser with a coaster brake

will stand up longer since its made for industrial job sites like Factories and Shipyards.

WonderMonkey 03-29-14 01:53 PM

Whatever you choose make sure your rims and tires can handle whatever you are going to do with them. You can get a cheaper bike and put the money into an upgraded wheel set.

anon06 03-29-14 02:26 PM

I'm surprised. I've had a used Giant Cypress for almost four years, and it's never fallen apart. I thought it would, eventually, because I ride fast, always need to change gears a lot, ride over occasional cobblestoned crosswalks and off-road, curbs, etc., but it still looks like a new bike and shifts as smoothly as the first time I'd ridden it.

I've only had one flat because I ruined my back wheel after incorrectly removing my air pump from the valve several times, causing it to tear and leak air. I know better, now, and haven't made the same mistake, again.

It's the best bike I've ever had, way better and more comfortable than the Huffys of my youth.

Maybe your local roads destroyed your bike, with potholes, glass, rocks, debris, salt, sand, etc. If that's the case, they still might give your newer, expensive bike flat tires.

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