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treadtread 03-29-14 10:28 AM

fenders - bolt size?
Looks like it is going to rain here over the weekend and the whole of next week. I don't want to drive in, so I dug out the fenders just to find that I have nothing to mount them with. My bag of bolts has vanished. I will make a trip to Home depot, but I don't know what size to buy. I need everything .. the bolts for the fork and chain stay mounts, as well as the long one for the fork crown(?) mount.

Can anyone suggest what size to buy? For reference, the bike is a Sirrus and the fenders are Planet Bike: Planet Bike Full Hybrid/Road Front and Rear Bicycle Fender Set (45mm Wide): Sports & Outdoors

fietsbob 03-29-14 10:43 AM

Typical: strut to frame eyelet: 5mm x.8 t/mm

Brake bridge and fork crown : 6mmx1 t/mm

how long is up to you to measure..

maybe a Bike Shop would both have the bolts and let you test fit them to your bike .

Doubt Home Depot will be that accommodating.

treadtread 03-29-14 10:49 AM

Thanks fietsbob.

tsl 03-29-14 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16622752)
Doubt Home Depot will be that accommodating.


Old-school hardware stores are a good bet, though.

I'm fortunate that I live within a mile of two old-school hardware stores, and work within a mile of a third. One of them even retains its original T&G wood plank floors. Every one of them carries stainless M5 hex-head bolts (your choice of cap or panhead), and lots of other stuff I've used on my bikes. I can buy as many or as few as I need, no prepacks.

fietsbob 03-29-14 12:59 PM

T&G flooring is good for catching rolling small parts, as long as the toung has not split out , leaving a hole.

then between the Floor joists under that spot would be a hardware Archaeologist's treasure chest.

dynaryder 03-29-14 03:50 PM

You're in SF,hit up the marinas. Marine grade SS bolts are the best. Also pick up some blue Loctite to stop the rattles.

treadtread 03-29-14 04:00 PM

Not in SF sadly. Fietsbob's help, Home depot, some washers and improvisation did the trick. I used grease to protect from rusting. I think the bike looks better with fenders, I might not take them off :)

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