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Nutfarmer 03-31-14 09:16 PM

I drank the kool aid.
I put a dynamo hub and lights on my bike. The Cyo Prenium is not as brilliant as my Cygolite Expillion 700. Having said that, the Cyo is completely adequate for my commuting needs. On my maiden voyage this morning I still ran a Cygolite Hot Shot in addition to the B&M Topline Plus. I'm sure that I would be just fine without, but I feel better knowing that there is a 2 watt blinky on my backside.

I did not feel any additional resistance with the new hub, but I'm fat and slow so that shouldn't surprise me. I like knowing that I have light no matter the status of my batteries. Perhaps after I get accustomed to the new system I won't feel like I need the battery backup.

Rudz 03-31-14 10:28 PM

We demand pictures

mstraus 03-31-14 10:54 PM

Very nice, would love to see pics. I have been thinking about making that plunge too.

Any more details? What Dynamo did you get, etc?

NOS88 04-01-14 05:25 AM

Yes, pictures, or it didn't happen.

Nutfarmer 04-01-14 08:38 AM

Will try to put some pictures up later today. Not sure how to do it though.

The hub is a Shimano DH-3N80. I bought it for $110 through Amazon. I could have saved $30 by going with the earlier model, but the aesthetics bothered me (shallow, I know). The whole project...hub, wheel and lights cost me about $450. Pretty steep for bike lights, but cheaper than some other hobbies.

surreal 04-01-14 08:43 AM

Ha. I love me some generator lighting. I wanna get the B&M Luxos, the full-dress model, even though I don't need it. Still, it's probably off-road worthy, whereas my other lights probably aren't (I've done it anyway, but had to go slow and it wasn't that cool.) So, I realize that $450 might seem like a lot, but I think it's a worthwhile investment....

WestMass 04-01-14 08:51 AM

Wooooo to dynamo lighting (Herman's H-One S and H-Track) from intelligent design cycles

enigmaT120 04-01-14 12:01 PM

I must have gotten a really good deal on the built wheel with a Shimano generator hub for a hundred bucks. I just had to pay extra for the brake disk.

The place (Peak Sports, Corvallis, OR) did have it hanging on the shelf for at least a year.

Edit: I just realized you were quoting the price for lights, too. That makes more sense to me now, sorry.

jdswitters 04-01-14 01:33 PM

Welcome to the adult table, what you have now is transportation. SA dyno, lights and wheel build cost me about $300, best bike investment ever.

CrankyOne 04-01-14 04:47 PM

Congrats. You'll like it. People pay a lot of money for aesthetics all the time, like most houses, clothes, cars, and bikes. A friend was debating between a HED wheelset and Easton, he went with HED because he liked the way they looked (and he paid about $40 more). So, why not for a hub!

acidfast7 04-01-14 05:09 PM


WalksOn2Wheels 04-01-14 07:18 PM

But yeah, I recently did the same. SRAM d7 or whatever hub with the Cyo Premium. Best investment ever. Nothing beats getting caught out in the dark and reaching down to flip a switch without wondering when the last time you charged your batteries was.

Nutfarmer 04-01-14 07:25 PM

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Crummy pics.

Nutfarmer 04-02-14 08:33 AM

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Better Pics

Mr IGH 04-02-14 09:51 AM

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I agree, I like dyno hubs and LED lights and I couldn't care less about the added expense. People are always stopping me to ask about my SA dyno/drum hub and LED headlight. I don't need a switch, I never turn it off.

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