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Archery_Queen 04-08-14 09:57 PM

Bell muni
I was wondering what lights would fit on the light holes an the BELL muni?

Rudz 04-08-14 10:05 PM

Planet bike has some lights that should fit

Andy_K 04-08-14 10:17 PM

I've got the Blackburn Flea 2.0 lights (front and rear) on my Muni. They're specifically designed for it. The hook in the back is fairly generic, but I doubt that anyone else makes a light that fits the clip on the Muni's visor. (Blackburn and Bell are affiliated.)

dynaryder 04-09-14 05:54 PM

I run Fleas on my helmet as well,but from other threads I think they're a bit more than the OP's budget.

Archery_Queen: are you looking for primary lights or auxiliary lights? Fleas are actually bright enough to be used on their own,but if you're just looking for extra lights,there's alot of little ones that can be strapped on to most helmets. PB has their Spoks,there's the classic Knog lights,and there's a bunch more out there.

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