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Mr.McBeardson 04-09-14 02:38 PM

Bike Commuter Questions
Hey, I have been thinking about getting a more modern bike, as bikes have come a long way since my ol' schwinn suburban (though Love that bike to death). Not sure what to get as I have never really bought a new bike. Before a few months ago when I found this site I thought "well there is mountain bikes and the ones with the skinny wheels" but after adventuring around the various posts on here I learned there are more. SO! I would have to go up one quite steep hill, somewhere between a 30 and 40 degree angle at its steepest i wanna say. A good portion of the ride is on unpaved shoulder, and around this time of the year the sand is rather loose so my skinny little tires make some places a little squirrel-ey. Would be riding about 8 miles round trip and tend to go on weekend rides, and would like to eventually get into a little bit of bike camping. Anyway the question is, any suggestions for a type of bike that would be good for these purposes? So I know to start looking at least

CrankyOne 04-09-14 03:29 PM

I think the steepest road in the world is about 20 degrees or just shy of 40% so I'd guess yours isn't quite as steep.

While I am a big fan of city bikes and think one would work well here, particularly from a protection from dust/gook/mud, you might be happier with a mtn bike with some good super fat knobs if you spend much time off pavement. You local bike shops should be able to give you some good recommendations (somewhat based on what they want to sell, but not always).

WestPablo 04-09-14 03:38 PM

You're not really traveling over really rough terrain and you're also not cycling over a paved road. Therefore, a mountain bike would seem like overkill unless the camping venture would take you over many off road type surfaces.

I would suggest a either a Surly Ogre or a Salsa Vaya. These bikes give you much room for wider tires. Wide tires work great in the sand! Tire width is the main difference between MTNbikes and hybrids.

Mr.McBeardson 04-10-14 07:06 AM

Thanks for the direction guys :D didnt even know where to start looking lol

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