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DogBoy 04-10-14 08:08 AM

New Bike! Some assembly required.
I have been having toe overlap issues with my 700c LHT, so I decided to get a Disc Trucker 26" wheel frameset and swap the parts over that I could. I'm running a 3x9 with tiagra STI shifters. While I'm capable of doing all of this except the headset, I opted to have the LBS do it. They built the 26" wheels, removed the parts from the 700c trucker frame and built the bike with no racks/fenders/packs/kickstands or lights, so I got it home and began to add the rest of the parts.

For fenders I opted to keep the sks longboard fenders from my 700c bike. I moved the front fender install clip to the front of the fork crown instead of the rear to get ground clearance. I had to fanagle the attachment points for the stays to get them to work with the disc brake and the front rack that I'm using. On the disc caliper side I attached the stays at the mid-fork connection. On the other side I used the standard mount points. In the rear I just had to shorten the stays a bit. I'm running 26x1.6" tires, so width is not a problem, but I don't think I can go much wider with this fender set.

Next was to install the rear rack. This was straighforward, and the calipers position on the frame are well tucked in to prevent interference. Nice job Surly, but I'm calling it even due to the front fender issues.

I used a Plescher two legged kickstand. This was a bit tricky since I had to work around the front derailleur cable and the rear brake cable, but it installed fine. I notice that now that I've got the 26" wheels, the stand is too tall, so I will need to cut it down a bit.

Last thing I planned to install for the evening was the lights. I use a supernova E3 and a B&M Toplight Line Plus rack mounted taillight. The lights installed easily, and I made the connection changes from the SON hub to a shimano hub and used butt connectors to attach the taillight.

I was now ready to call it done for the evening and ready to ride into work today. So I did a quick ride around the block and noticed the headset was a bit loose. So I grab the 5mm wrench and loosen up the stem and prepare to put a few turns on the top-cap to snug it up. This is where my evening got interesting. I put about a quarter turn on the top-cap, heard a strange sudden noise like a friction release, and then noticed that the topcap nut was REALLY loose. I pulled up and out came the top-cap, nut and the star fangled nut, looking pristine as ever. I have NEVER heard of a starfanlged nut coming off like that. In a way it was nice. I wanted power on the bike as well as lights, so I had purchased the supernova plug III and the expansion bolt. I wasn't going to attach it last night, but well, you can't ride a bike with nothing holding the steering tube into the frame. So I installed the plug. Basically it goes like this thread except I didn't have to remove the star nut, and I used the expansion plug that supernova sells. This caused me to go looking for all my spacers since it adds about 1-2 mm to to top of the steering tube. I ended up grabbing my extra stem with Arkel handlebar bag mounts and plundered some of my other bikes to swap spacers to get the right length. This kept me up past my bedtime, but I got it all installed and working, ready to ride today, including the handlebar bag and the plug.

On the ride in, I noticed the rear gearing jumping all over the place. UG. I forgot about how that never seems to go right after a visit to a shop, so tonight when I get home I'll be adjusting the rear derailleur tension.

I will add pictures once I get home tonight. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief about the star nut. I'm very happy with the new bike...minus the gearing. No toe overlap even with fenders, nice easy smooth ride. I won't win any races, but at least I'll be smiling. Hope you have a great day!

DogBoy 04-11-14 07:22 AM

5 Attachment(s)
I ran out of time so I just snapped these this morning before heading out to work. Sorry for the low quality photos.

The star nut as it looked when it came out.

The bike and our messy garage.

The plug. You can see the second stem that I'm using for the handlebar bag.

Kickstand. I had to get it as far forward as I could without hitting the front derailleur. I used some old innertube to help protect the frame.

I re-attached the stays at the mid-fork for the caliper side. It seems pretty sturdy.

-=(8)=- 04-11-14 07:50 AM

Very nice. To me, it keeps the spirit of the daze o olde 70's stuff I like so much.
What really impresses me though, is the kickstand! Really, I thought I was the only one who likes them!
Many happy miles for you :beer:

NOS88 04-11-14 07:51 AM

Interesting build. Hope you get all the kinks worked out. Although I find working out the kinks one of the more enjoyable parts of a new build.

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