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alan s 04-10-14 08:24 AM

Spring bike commuting photos
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We all made it through a rough winter. Had to stop on my ride in this morning to shed a layer and take in the beautiful scenery.

tjspiel 04-10-14 12:19 PM


As pretty as I suppose it was, I'll spare myself the pain of posting a picture of the 8" of fresh Spring snow we got last Friday.

It's all gone now but frankly it's an ugly time of year. A little bit of green is starting to show up but lots of places along my commute have 4 months worth of litter spread all over. Most of the lakes are still covered with gray ice.

Some of the trash will get picked up in the next couple of weeks, - especially around earth day. By then things will be greener and there will be some leaves on the trees instead of just buds.

Apple and cherry blossoms we won't see until May.

spivonious 04-10-14 12:53 PM

Ooh, it's cherry blossom time!

The street sweepers are finally getting to work around me, picking up all the gravel that snow plows dumped on the roads.

kookaburra1701 04-10-14 01:06 PM

Apple blossoms everywhere on my commute, I'll have to try and snap a few pictures. There's an apple "bush" on my walk home from the bus stop that has beautiful blossoms on it now, all shades from red to pink to white.

no motor? 04-10-14 03:01 PM

Things are just starting to get green around here, and the weather forecast for early next week mentions ice pellets. We're not quit into spring yet.

bconneraz 04-10-14 03:16 PM

the spring flowers are starting to pop all over the place in So Cal; this was on my ride home yesterday.

Rino 04-10-14 07:15 PM

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Rino 04-12-14 07:25 PM

I wanted to get a nice shot of Mount Baker in the background, but will have to settle on more Magnolias.

mgw4jc 04-14-14 07:43 AM

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Just a quick pic I took yesterday morning. The flowers are out in full force in the Charlotte, NC area.

FedericoMena 04-14-14 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by bconneraz (Post 16659839)
the spring flowers are starting to pop all over the place in So Cal; this was on my ride home yesterday.

Wow, nice bike! Love the handlebars and the double kickstand.

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