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edhombre 04-11-14 03:52 AM

Big Apples - 2.15 or 2.35? Any real world difference?
Just getting back into cycling and bought a rigid 26" MTB for commuting and leisure on road, tow path and some easy off road. Having a ball! Doing about 40-50 miles a week, mainly on tow paths and loving it.... The only upgrades I've done to my bike are new saddle (Gusset R - essentially a charge spoon/madison flux but seamless) and changing the tires to Big Apple 2.15's. Both these made a massive difference to my quality of ride. My question is this... I went for the 2.15's because I wasn't sure about clearance and fender sizing. The tow paths and roads around here are super rough but when you get the Apples in their sweet spot they just eat them up. However, a little voice at the back of my mind wonders if I should have gone for the 2.35's. It's obvious to me now that they would fit on my frame etc and the benefits were so large I just wonder if I should have gone the whole the hog and got the fattest ones?

So I've done a load of googling and I can't find anything where anyone online who discusses the real world differences riding on these 2 sizes? I'm running them at the softer end (just less than 2 bar... I'm about 70kg and bike is about 13kg). Anyone have any opinions or advice?

Thanks in advance!

JAG410 04-11-14 05:17 PM

Not worth changing from IMHO, but when your 2.15's wear out, get the 2.35s

alan s 04-11-14 06:29 PM

Send me your 2.15s and I'll test them. Currently riding on a brand new set of 2.35s. Seriously, the closest comparison I can make is to Marathon Supremes in 26x2.0, and I'd much rather ride off-road on the larger tires.

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