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TransitBiker 04-11-14 11:35 PM

Most practical all weather protective gloves?
Hi, i'm new here. I had a few questions about gloves. Recently my soon to be former bike had its hub lock up due to chain jamming and i, the big human up top of course in newtonian fashion kept going. It was a pretty hard impact, and of course i tore up the hand on the side i went into curb (thankfully head in helmet landed in the grass on other side). I was wondering what kind of gloves any of you would recommend to protect from future hand road rash? I am a large guy & big hands, and i ride year round in all weather from below zero to over 100 Fahrenheit, rain, snow, etc. I do have some concerns of heat retention on hot days (my hands are like radiators) and finger protection on the colder days.

Thanks! (hope this is in right place to post this!)

- Andy

Huffandstuff 04-12-14 12:39 AM

I wouldn't wear one glove year round, the best way is to get a winter, spring/fall and summer glove.

TransitBiker 04-12-14 02:34 AM

Yes, makes sense! My budget is microscopic, but of course intact hands after a crash has no price tag! :)

My other main concerns aside from temperature comfort is mobility, and i don't want to feel like i'm holding on to a wider grip, or too much OR thick padding, because i need to feel what the front wheel is doing, especially in wet and snowy conditions, braking etc, and i need to be easily able to reach for that brake lever without worrying bout glove hindering me. Another thing along the lines of comfort, is i dont want sweat building up regardless of ambient temp, because sweaty hands in gloves can slide all over weirdly, and feel nasty. Last thing I want is hot, soggy hands!

Any specific recommendation on brand/type etc?

- Andy

LordMarv 04-12-14 05:41 AM

I like these, alot. They tend to run smallish, so I ordered a size up. Excellent gloves tho, I have the black.

Bontrager: Crochet Glove (Model #07713)

fietsbob 04-12-14 09:16 AM

Finger less bike gloves are made for just that skid on your hands protection . you may even find fingered gloves
at a charity shop for a buck and modify them ..

its all about a tanned dead creature's hide is the first layer against the pavement, not yours.

chaadster 04-12-14 10:01 AM

Man, I've got, like, half a dozen different gloves for different ride conditions, but coolness is never a primary concern for me, as my hands are almost always cold, so quite the opposite condition from yours.

With that in mind, I use Mechanix Original (full finger) quite a bit.

Rudz 04-12-14 11:36 AM

I have huge hands and I use Giro Monaco XXL gloves, they're great. I use the full finger gloves and I can tell you for a fact they saved me some road rash. The did tear a little at one of the stitches but my girlfriend sewed them and and they have been good as new ever since.

WonderMonkey 04-12-14 11:59 AM

For cooler weather I have a windbreaker lobster type glove that is a bit oversized so I can wear other gloves inside.

fietsbob 04-12-14 12:08 PM

only a rubber glove will be waterproof .

JeffreyGlobe 04-12-14 06:26 PM

I use these in conditions when I need gloves: The North Face*Men's*Accessories*Gloves*MEN'S WINDWALL® GLOVE. I live in South Florida, so wind stoppage is more of a factor during cooler weather than thermal capabilities. They probably aren't the best, but for the times I need them, they work.

swwhite 04-12-14 06:41 PM

I use gloves called "Mountain Hard Wear" in extra-large with another fabric glove inside as a liner. They are waterproof and comfortable down to freezing. If the temperature gets too high I can take out the liners. If it gets below freezing, I switch to mittens. Before i decided to spend a bit more money on gear, I went to the Army surplus store for the black leather glove shells with wool liners. As I recall, those worked well.

ItsJustMe 04-12-14 06:56 PM

I wear half fingered padded gloves above about 45*F - I get them cheap from Chinese ebay vendors and they last well.

At slightly colder temps down to 10*F or so, I wear mechanic's gloves. They're grippy and a little padded and waterproof.

At very cold temps I go to hunting gloves - thinsulate lined, basically cheap ski gloves and blaze orange, $10 after hunting season in November.

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