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morganw 05-02-14 01:38 PM

stiff-soled SPD shoe without upturned toe? (vs. Shimano M088)
I just got a pair of Shimano M088 "mountain" shoes to replace worn out Pearl Izumi X-Alps. I have hallus limitus (arthritis causing a stiff big toe) and it turns out that the slight upturn in the toe irritates this. They felt a little weird walking in the store, but I keep extra shoes at work so I didn't worry about it. However 1/8 mile of walking and 22 of riding yesterday tells me they won't work.

I'm more concerned about having some tread for stopping at sandy/wet intersections & not slipping.

However, I do like no laces and a sole made out of a solid piece of plastic. Felt like power transfer was better. Anything made like that, but flat?

[edit: after looking at road & mtb shoes from a bunch of mfg.s, I'm drawing the conclusion that the bent-foot posture is considered "natural." They all do it. So how about softer soled shoes without laces? It seems that straps = serious = stiff sole.]

alan s 05-02-14 01:54 PM

Maybe Keen commuting sandals or a knockoff.

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