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TransitBiker 05-07-14 09:54 AM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16736732)
I need funding for that.

Oooh, i have an idea for a charity ride............

- Andy

noglider 05-07-14 04:16 PM

Yes, pulling a kid trailer has coincided with drivers passing me with more distance. The kid trailers have been great for me for towing cargo. I still use them, and my kids are now 25 and 22.

Last summer, I took the tops and sides off the trailers so they look like cargo trailers now.

Leisesturm, both of my trailers have curved arms but the trailers are not quite centered behind the bike. I might be able to take a picture this weekend if you like.

fourknees 05-07-14 04:35 PM

I also get more space when pulling my burley trailer. This is also true if I'm fully within a bike lane. I also put the orange flag on the left side of the trailer.

I have a trailer similar to this one:

If I drew a line threw the trailer on the line of the bike frame, I'd guess that ~60% of the trailer sits to the left side (non-driveside) of the bike. Is that what is being argued?

noglider 05-07-14 04:49 PM

One of my trailers is that Burley you have, fourknees.

By the way, the most I've spent on a trailer is $90. I buy them used on craigslist and at yard sales.

TransitBiker 05-08-14 03:52 AM

I doubt i'd be able to get a good cargo trailer for less than 150. I'd want the bracket kind, not the single arm tow bar.

And i think the trailers are supposed to sit slightly off to the left, as if you're riding on the right side of the lane, wouldnt you want a narrower profile on the right so your trailer isnt hitting a curb or going into a ditch? Just a hypothesis....

- Andy

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