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asauve 05-06-14 10:49 AM

Haro Bike? Any reviews or recommendations?
New here, been lurking since last year, but never a need to make an accounts.

I am coming off of a crap walmart bike.. Avalon Men's 26" Cruiser Bike -
and was looking to make an upgrade.

I have about 400 to spend, and was looking at a LBS and seen a haro flight two Haro Bikes - MTB - Bikes - Flightline - Flightline Two on sale for 350.. Would I see a big upgrade or what? The LBS side they would throw in slicks with thicker thread on the edges for an easier ride...

I did seaches for Haro bikes and haven't really seen much.. Any input or information.. Suggestions.. Much appreciated. Thank you!

OH! I ride about 10-30 miles a day, a couple times a week on gravel for about 100 yards other than that, mostly roads. Hilly area.. I am 5'9'' and 230 lbs.

no1mad 05-06-14 11:41 AM

Welcome to the Forums :)

That Haro isn't going to set any speed records, but it should be faster (and probably lighter) than what you got now. You'll have to give it a test ride to see if you really like it, though.

Edit: Or you might be able to score an entry level hybrid for not much more than your budget. Models to look for would Giant Escape, Trek 7.1 FX, Kona Dew... just about every brand will have something similar.

asauve 05-06-14 01:57 PM

Thank you very much for the reply! I tested a 7.2 trek and fell in love! Bought that instead :)

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