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Which emergency/repair items do you carry on your commute?

Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

Which emergency/repair items do you carry on your commute?

Old 06-10-14, 07:43 PM
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I also carry electrical tape, but that was mostly as an ersatz handlebar wrap when I tore my wrapping.

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Old 06-10-14, 08:40 PM
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Originally Posted by noglider
What can you do with zip ties on the road?
I heard about a cyclist whose freehub failed and he was able to zip tie the big cog to the spokes and get home, pedaling very carefully. Never had the opportunity to try it myself though.
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Old 06-11-14, 08:58 PM
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I carry the following (although I am probably forgetting something):

- Park Tool Tire Levers
- Spin Doctor Multi-Tool
- Genuine Innovations Microinflate Nano CO2 Inflator
- Extra CO2 Cartridge
- Park Tool Patch Kit
- Spare Tube
- Pump attached to my frame.
- A very cute/tiny mini Blackburn pump that I received for Christmas.

All of this is (unfortunately) being shoved into my PoCampo Logan Tote at the moment, since I am still looking for a nice tool roll to make it all neat/compact so that all I have to do is throw that in whatever bag I am using, since I can't use a seat bag because I am too short and have to keep my seat low and nothing will fit with my seat and the way my PDW rack is situated.

Phew, that was a lot.

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Old 06-11-14, 10:05 PM
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Originally Posted by mountainwalker
Spare tube, tube patches, tube replacement tools, lightweight air pump, CO2 pump, hex set, etc.? Where do you keep these items? Do your items fit in your underseat bag?
When I first started commuting, I always took a small pump and a repair kit with me. Now I'm much more cavalier. I don't take any "emergency" stuff at all. My commute is in a highly urban area, I ride a beefy, very well-maintained touring bike with 85 psi, 37mm tires, and in ten years of riding to work I've gotten exactly two flats and no mechanical issues. (It always helps to do a lot of preventative maintenance.) Virtually nothing ever happens, and when it does, it's not actually an emergency, just an inconvenience, so I don't worry about it too much. On longer rides, especially out of town, I'm much more prepared: pump, repair kit, spare chain, a couple of spare spokes, sometimes a Kevlar vest if I'm going to be riding past a high school or university...
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Old 06-12-14, 08:16 PM
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pump and tube and now after having a flat I will make sure my tire levers are in there too. I had my 1st flat in many miles of riding a few weeks back and could have fixed it in 4 minutes but did not have tire levers. I had taken them out to go mountain biking. Luckily a guy was riding the other way had some and helped me get things straightened out.
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Old 06-18-14, 04:52 AM
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I was going to say zombie repellant, but the motorists usually take them out; all I have to do is slalom. (Sorry, I've had zombies on my mind. Or what remains of it.) I've decided to have a look in my bag and see what's actually in there. It's getting heavy and probably needs a clearout anyway.

Here's the bag, consisting of a main compartment and pockets on either side:

In the right pocket, where I can reach them while awheel:

Ancient telecommunications device with Committee of Ways & Means as screensaver. Recorder with two world-changing ideas I had but sadly later erased by accident. I can't remember what they were now. Out of shot is a washrag/alternate sweat mop whose primary purpose is keeping the phone & recorder from rattling against each other and driving me crazy (even when I can't hear them).

The phone is a legitimate emergency item; I could also make a case for the rag.

Other pocket:

All needed by emergency services. Spare tube because I'd rather not patch on the road; C02 because I'd rather not pump on the road; patches to satisfy the belt-and-braces brigade; 15mm wrench for when bag is on nutted-axle bike; obligatory multi-tool; gloves in case I need to get really down and dirty; spare baggies because I hate wearing rubber gloves and can use one to reseat a chain if necessary, or store half-eaten food or a million other things.

The C02 can also be used to blow air into busted lungs after hills.

Main compartment

Mesh pocket underneath the top:

The map is in case I have to go on the lam after a commuter challenge goes horribly wrong. [Confession: I work from home.] Plastic wallet contains ccard for emergency purchases at the bike shop. Connex used to be the rail company which serviced my patch, before they got kicked out for being too dire.

Another spare tube, because when I get a puncture and use the other spare there's always the terrible possibility that I'll get another puncture and have to resort to patches. Tyre levers in case I lose my touch at manhandling them off; Lezyne light; Pump which I now plan on using instead of C02, or to beat zombies; and yet more paraphernalia which suggests I have an obsession with keeping my hands clean. Also not one but two spare earphones, a testament to planned obsolescence as well as my horror at the thought of listening to the birds sing.

Looks like just about everything is necessary, though I guess the patches and baggies could go. You know, to save weight. Or to make room for Mille-feuille.

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Old 06-18-14, 04:37 PM
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Whatever you carry, just make sure you bring it in with you when you park

Had my emergency wedge pack stolen off my bike when it was locked up outside my apartment (and I live in the suburbs!)

Current kit has:
* 1 spare tire
* Tire repair kit
* Tire levers
* Park multitool (w/ chain breaker)
* Rubber gloves
* CO2 inflator + 2 cartridges

I used to have a couple of extra chain links in my emergency kit too, but I haven't replenished that after my old pack was stolen. I'll just wait until I get a new chain again. I figure at least with the chain tool I can pull out a link and ride in the lowest gear to limp it home.

The rubber gloves were a recent addition after I discovered there is no grease-free way to recover from a front derailment and I have white gloves

On longer rides and my commute I bring my Timbuk2 trunk with me where I have a couple of bucks stowed away (enough for a bus ride home) and I always bring my wallet + cell phone with me in case I need to be rescued (I have at least a couple of people I could guilt into picking me up ).

Haven't had to use any of it yet, but I only have 300 miles on my bike Multitool does come in handy when wrenching on the bike at home though
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Old 06-19-14, 07:35 AM
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Cell phone. My commute is less than 5 mi. So it's always less than a 2.5 mi walk to work or home. I have tools and spares both places. In a real emergency I will use my phone.
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Old 06-19-14, 07:56 AM
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Yeah, I think I'm carrying too much, as my commute is also less than 5 miles. No cell, though, and I don't have anyone TO call. A majority of my commute is in a location where, even if I had someone willing to come for me, they couldn't anyways due to gate security. Beyond the gate it is like 2 "blocks". I'll be honest, though, the main reason I carry tools etc is for others.

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Old 06-19-14, 08:05 AM
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I used to carry everything I had for the bike but as I accumulated more tools and spares that became unfeasible and I'm more of a minimalist. Enough stuff to fix a flat or MacGyver the bike if necessary. Smartphone and debit card can handle everything else.
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spare tube, patch kit(s), air pump, set of allen keys, and for some reason a spoke wrench. I have used the spoke wrench numerous times so I figure I will just carry it.

I was really hesitant about CO2 inflators because the cartridges would just be one more thing I would have to buy and keep stocked, but a few weeks ago I helped a lady change a flat. She had no idea what to do but had all the tools, including a CO2 inflator. After helping her and using the inflator, I was sold in it. I might pick one up soon.
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Old 06-23-14, 08:10 PM
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I ride two bikes. One is my commuter/grocery/around town bike and, the other is my ‘fun/workout’ bike (Diamondback STI8 (IGH hub) & Cannondale Synapse). Both are frequently ridden 30-60 miles at a time. I prefer to be as independent as possible.

So, I have repair kits for each bike as they have somewhat different needs. The kits are always with the bikes so I dont have to convert the contents & switch things around before a ride. The one has 37 & 42mm tires & the other 25 & 28.

The kits have both types of patches (Park Tool (self-stick) & Rema vulcanizing). I carry an appropriate (Blackburn) pump for each bike. I carry two Co2 (16gm) cartridges, one new tube, gloves & alcohol ‘prep swabs’ to clean my hands (coupla paper towels too). I can R&R tires without irons, so, don’t carry any. I also have appropriate multi-tools & special wrenches as required for each bike. Also have about a meter of 1” wide “Gorilla” tape wrapped around one of the Co2 cylinders as well as four (7”) Zip-ties. Two knives; one in my pocket & one in the kit. Pepper spray within easy reach.

BTW: the new Origin8 tire gauge is an excellent investment.

I keep both bikes in excellent tune & therefore dont worry too much about things like broken spokes, squeaky chains or broken cables. If other things happen, I’ll deal with them.

I also have duplicate Medical kits:
· Band-Aids (three sizes)
· Non-stick pads (3x4”)
· Alcohol swabs (pads actually)
· Anti-bacterial ointment
· Tincture of iodine
· Wrapping tape (don’t know the name but it ‘sticks’ to itself & is wonderful)
· Foam tape (one can seal a wound with this stuff)
· Military suture kit
· 10’ of parachute cord

I may have missed something ;o) but you get the idea; I like to be prepared. Truly, it is surprising how compact all this stuff is; I can put it in two pockets.

BTW: I know how to & have used all of it (unfortunately) – But, Life is still good!

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