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thelazywon 07-25-14 12:11 PM

Picking up a new bike, have a question on how to reorganize
My LBS is having their yearly sale soon, and I've picked out a Specialized Tri Cross Elite with 10 spd Tiagra and BB7 brakes that I think I'll end up getting out the door for around $1100. I am trying to get to a point where I have a mountain bike, a cross type bike with fenders and panniers, and a traditional road bike.

So, right now I have:

2013 Lynskey R340 with DA 9000 which is my forever bike.
2010 Specialized Allez with full 6700 Ultegra that I had just finished building up when I stumbled upon the too good to pass up deal on the Lynskey.
Soon to be 2014 Specialized Tri Cross with Tiagra

It's going to be hard to sell the Allez with Ultegra, as I can't get my money back out of it, and I haven't gotten any offers to trade a good mountain bike for it yet either. Should I swap out the Ultegra and Tiagra, and continue to try to sell the Allez? Should I forget the sale and keep an eye on ebay for a tricross that's cheap and then swap out the components? Should I just keep the Allez even though I don't ride it, maybe one of my kids will one day? Get the Tri Cross from the LBS and leave it with the Tiagra, and continue to try to trade the Allez with Ultegra for a mountain bike eventually? I'm pretty torn over all this. I'm not hurting for money, but I also hate to be wasteful.

What do you folks think?

Here is the Allez:

thelazywon 07-25-14 02:44 PM

Should I make some sort of controversial statement in order to garner an opinion? Something like, "skinny tires are for heros, fat tires are for zeros?"


jaxgtr 07-25-14 02:59 PM

I'd move the ultegra over and put the tiagra on the Allez and put it on ebay\craiglist.

alan s 07-25-14 03:24 PM

Get a grip on reality...why on earth would you sell a bike?

dynaryder 07-25-14 05:54 PM

Srsly,3 bikes is a problem? Get a storage rack or some hooks.

2manybikes 07-25-14 06:16 PM

My favorites are three bikes. No four no five........IDK. argh...

three is not enough.

gregjones 07-25-14 06:35 PM

Originally Posted by jaxgtr (Post 16974477)
I'd move the ultegra over and put the tiagra on the Allez and put it on ebay\craiglist.

Such a simple answer.

Yet, so correct.

thelazywon 07-25-14 08:10 PM

Thanks for that. Reaffirms what I've been wanting to do.

thelazywon 07-26-14 01:29 AM

I just thought of something. This bike purchase that I am sweating over, is worth about 3 months of my wife's driving to work costs. I haven't driven to work or home from it in 3 years last week. From that perspective, pretty cheap I think.

jaxgtr 07-26-14 08:00 AM

I recently bought a new commuter and assuming that I ride it at least 3x a week just commuting to work and nothing else, it will pay for itself in less gas purchased in a year or so. However I use it for just a ride when the weather is crappy as I have that going for me.

I had a steel frame bike that I loved, but in reality, did not truly fit me. I moved the 105\Ultegra parts from the steel frame, pulled the Tiagra off, sold them on BF and I have a really lovely commuter.

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