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Commuting Bicycle commuting is easier than you think, before you know it, you'll be hooked. Learn the tips, hints, equipment, safety requirements for safely riding your bike to work.

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Hey there commuter dudes.
I'm a mountain biker but i do a bit of Commuting because it is just way faster than any other transport. What's the worst stack you ever had on the road?
It was a while ago now, I was riding down this road and i wasn't paying 100% attention and there was this Mitsubishi in front of me and he slammed on the brakes, i just didn't have time to do anything. I just slammed right into him probably at about 25 km/h and flew right over and landed on the roof and then rolled off. I broke one of my front two teeth in half which hurt. I think I'll keep to the trails!!
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Un Carambolage!

"Un carambolage" is one of several ways to say "stack" in French... (S'ecraser would be my favorite, but that applies best to being run down and squashed like a bug.)

My girlfriend... erm, she's now 47, so I suppose that makes her a... ladyfriend?... was out riding around our neighborhood in Vence (sleepy little 'burb about 12km north of Nice, France.) She came speeding round a bend only to have a very ferocious (and very small) terrier dog of some sort give chase. The little beastie somehow got beneath her front wheel, and she swerved to the right, directly into a utility pole... BAMMM!

My gir... er, ladyfriend... ended up with: hairline skull fracture, jaw fracture, a compression fracture of a mid-back vertebra, a badly bruised hip joint, and various sprains and pulled muscles. She hit with enough force to BREAK the top and down tubes on the bike, and the fork was bent so that the front wheel rubbed the frame. (With little effort, I managed to wiggle the bike into two pieces.)

She was hospitalized for a week, was in a back brace for six months, and ten years on, still walks with a slight limp. Her magenta, Suntour equipped, Fuji Sagres tourer was a complete write-off, and all of this occurred just three days before we were to fly to Portland, OR for her family's every-twenty five-year reunion. Obviously, we didn't go.

The little dog, whom we'd come to call "Toto" was uninjured. My lady, seeking recompense for her injuries, ended up suing the dog owner's insurance company. A year later, she claimed 70,000FF, which worked out to just $14,000 at the time. She has not purchased another bike, nor shall she.

Moral? Beware the big dogs, but pay special attention to those little barking rats!
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I almost had the same experience as "Cooldude" this morning on my commute to work.

I take the "quiet" residential streets as much as possible and go past an elementary school.

Just as I was coming up to a quiet intersection, some deep-fried momma-san with a kid in the back, coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other makes a left turn, but cuts across both lanes as she turned. Thus, when she turned, she ended up in MY lane (the wrong lane for her).

I was already up on my pedals ready to do a judo flip right onto the hood of her car, but she gunned it and swerved.

She gave me one of those "what are you doing on there on a bike you moron!" looks, probably never realizing that if I had been in a car, she would have certainly been in a head on collision.

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Hit, been hit? by four cars turning left in front of me: one threw me up the road about twenty or thirty feet. I landed running- no injuries. A pickup tossed me into a street sign hitting back first upside-down, the soccer balls in my pack (I was coaching then) saved me. I did pull some muscles in my leg, my thick blood developed a pulmonary-embolism 2 weeks later. I sprung the car's frame on the third, rendering it undrivable and I broke three ribs, sprained my neck and developed a hemothorax,(a collapsed lung from internal bleeding from a damaged artery on one of the ribs). I only received slight concussion from the fourth.
The last three paid me some decent to very good money to get some very nice new replacement bikes or frames: Motobecane Grand Record, Custom Rodriguez, Italian (Alberto) Masi w/Campy 50th, Sannino. (The first was my fault)
I've broken my collarbones three times in solo crashes-
I took a corner a little wide
I stopped to use the bathroom atop a mountain pass, someone loosened my front quick-release, and my wheel fell out at speed when I bunny-hopped a "chuck-hole". I also separated the shoulder on that one.
My front wheel went out from under me last week on some snow covered ice, when I was experimenting with technique. Back to the ol' drawing board or to how I've been doing it- "if it aint broke don't fix it". I'm gonna fall "right" too, the way I've been trained in ju-jitsu. I'd be typing two-handed now if I had.

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Sumanitu taka owaci
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Though it's illegal, I actually keep a plastic whistle in my teeth. Saved me more than once. You should see those drivers jump! (Also may have saved a dog once who was walking out into the street in front of a car--blew the whistle, and the driver got the heads-up). Once a driver honked back at me angrily; kind of makes me laugh, now.
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