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acidfast7 01-28-15 03:00 PM

ideas for commuting?
i found the sections filmed in Mexico and China quite impressive, those in NYC not so much:

fietsbob 01-28-15 03:37 PM

Glad I dont live in either , professor..

Mine is really Un Impressive. I've Moved to within 1/4 Mile of town Center, But the Grocery stores Moved out to the edges .

Neighborhood Tavern is Between the 2 so I have a refreshment detour .. on the way Back ..

Papa Tom 01-28-15 04:21 PM

First of all, watching videos on this forum is becoming a real hassle. 90% of the time, the danged advertisements cover half the screen and you can't get rid of 'em. I know there's a way to follow a link and watch the video elsewhere, but with so many to watch and so little time, I don't have the patience to open each one in a new window. Can the moderators of these forums contact anyone to alert them that posts are being squashed by advertisements falling right in the middle of the screen?

Second, I watched about a minute of this video on Vimeo and was instantly turned off. I'm not even sure the filmmaker was condoning and/or glorifying this type of renegade cycling, but I couldn't take another minute of watching these jerks make a mockery out of the road.

harshbarj 01-28-15 06:30 PM

I had to stop watching at 2 minutes. No wonder so many people hate bike riders. Those kids showed no respect for pedestrians, drivers, or law.

Want REAL ideas for commuting?

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