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Hondo Gravel 03-16-20 06:55 PM

This going to get BORING
If we are going to be locked down even all summer it is going to get extremely boring. Lots of local riding bike miles I see ahead and hopefully I wonít catch this virus. I donít think anybody even the medical experts really know how this will all play out. If I go insane so what! Iím already halfway there anyways :twitchy:

wgscott 03-16-20 06:57 PM

I'm just hoping they will allow us out to bike, even solo on deserted backroads.

Hondo Gravel 03-16-20 07:04 PM

Originally Posted by wgscott (Post 21370439)
I'm just hoping they will allow us out to bike, even solo on deserted backroads.

Yes, I ride solo as the only serious cyclist in a rural area as I have stated several times. I can see not riding in group or club rides. How long until you will be discouraged from riding a bike in the boonies? As you have mentioned.

skidder 03-16-20 07:09 PM

There are five of us at work who do the same job. This morning three of us came in with runny noses and 'flat' voices ('headcolds' for lack of a better term); no fevers, sweating, intestinal disorders . . nothing else. The company went on a paranoia syndrome and sent all three of us home. The same thing happened in other departments. Boy, I sure hope they can cover all of our customer appointments this week (and maybe next week)! I can do a few things from home, but that'll only be about two days worth of work. No luck on the bicycling front as its supposed to rain all this week in Southern California.

no motor? 03-17-20 01:35 AM

Introverts won't be bothered by staying home, but the extroverts are going to suffer.

sdmc530 03-17-20 08:30 AM

better than the worst case scenario still

just saying

Seattle Forrest 03-17-20 06:06 PM

Starting in 9 months there will be a baby boom. We'll call them the quarantine generation. In 2033 we'll start calling them quaranteens.

Hondo Gravel 03-17-20 07:29 PM


HeyItsSara 03-18-20 09:10 AM

I don't believe this will continue into the summer.

TakingMyTime 03-18-20 09:26 AM

I'm feeling a little cooped up but I'm trying my best to stay active. It's been raining on and off for about a week and the temps are a little below my comfortable threshold so I'm not getting out as much as I'd like. Since my gym is closed I'm using a set of barbells I have out in the garage, and there's a huge park right next to me so I'm going to increase my walks. But with the gym closed it's really cut down on a lot of my "get out and do something" routine. I would like to be working out in the yard and I'm hoping the weather takes a turn for the better. I have windows that need washing and a yard that needs some work. Just with some nicer weather I'd be busy and as happy as a clam.

indyfabz 03-18-20 11:13 AM

Originally Posted by no motor? (Post 21370732)
Introverts won't be bothered by staying home, but the extroverts are going to suffer.

Uh...Just because one is an introvert does not mean one will not mind being stuck in the house. I definitely lean far towards the introvert side of the spectrum yet I would go crazy stuck in the house all day. It's the main reason I come to the office every day even though I am permitted to work from home if I want to. I am currently the only person coming to this office with any regularity. It's the perfect working environment: I can come to work and have limited social interaction. That's the core of introversion, not the desire to constantly be in the house alone. Despite leaning the way I do, I take a two-week bike tour every year, a one-week trip and several long weekend trips all by myself. I enjoy both being out on the road and not being forced to interact socially. I am sad that I had to scrub my long weekend trip planned for Easter weekend due to the closing of campgrounds and the prohibition of foot traffic on a ferry I need to ride. Trying to come up with a viable plan b.

tyrion 03-18-20 11:15 AM

Roads are nice and empty now.

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