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travelerman 03-26-20 07:40 AM

Is your LBS still open?
Although they are considered "essential" for "transportation service and repair", most of my local bike shops have closed their stores to customers for our 30-day stay-at-home order; and either gone to appointment-only, or sales at the door, with associates fetching what you need and having you pay curbside. At least one is closing completely for the short-term, but plans to re-open with similar limitations in a few days.

What's happening in your area?

August West 03-26-20 08:07 AM

They were closed Tues & Wed but see they are back open today will begin accepting repairs again tomorrow.


We are currently observing our regular hours

10am - 6pm (M-F)

9am - 5pm (Sat)

We'll be practicing social distancing, limiting number of customers in store & disinfecting surfaces frequently.

Easy store pick up available, just call ahead!

We'll be accepting new repairs Friday March 27th - schedule with the link below or call the store.

Thank you for your patience and continued business!

Synack42 03-26-20 08:31 AM

Yes and no. Sounds like they're more than available if needed. (Metro Detroit area here)

Per the Governor's order today, Anchor Bay Bicycle and Fitness is officially closed until April 13th. Please call for an appointment to pick up or drop off a repair during this time. Please leave a message on our answering machine, and we'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for your understanding.

Phil_gretz 03-26-20 11:56 AM

Mine is Now Closed
And they're very responsible in their approach to things. I have a touring bike there that's having its bottom bracket threads chased. I wonder when I'll see that bike again. Weeks? I wish them well...great guys.

bruce19 03-26-20 12:29 PM

The two that I use are open but asking that we drop our bikes to them in the parking lot and after repairs are done pick them up in the lot.

SayWatt 03-26-20 12:53 PM

Both bike shops I use are open. Harris county(Houston) shelter in place recognizes bike shops as an essential business. And the one in a Brazoria county(Pearland) said they were confident they would also be considered an essential business. However, while I was there for over an hour today getting some work done on my bike and chatting with them not a single other customer was there as opposed to Monday when I stopped by for 20 minutes they had a large than normal amount of customers coming in.

jpescatore 03-26-20 01:50 PM

Race Pace is open around here, curb/door pickup/dropoff only.

257 roberts 03-26-20 01:51 PM

Yes mine is open

travelerman 03-26-20 08:21 PM

I thought it was a little funny that the attendants who were handing out supplies and taking money were wearing gloves... the same ones for the previous customers, and the ones after me. This is why I'm carry 62% alcohol hand sanitizer everywhere I go...

veganbikes 03-26-20 10:21 PM

We are open but wearing gloves and masks and doing a lot of sanitization and keeping most customers out. More out of building stuff. Though if you are buying a bike we are allowing the person buying the bike in the shop with masks and gloves. Also no touching, I have been doing the foot taps if needed and we are trying to social distance. Anyone who is sick stays home until cleared by a doctor.

Obviously yes it is not perfect but bikes are essential especially in situations like this so we have to do what we can to stay open and serving.

Rollfast 03-27-20 01:26 AM

No, it closed two years ago this week IIRC.

daviddavieboy 03-27-20 02:40 AM

The LBS in my area are open by appointment only but they are also picking up and delivering for free parts and whole bikes for sale and repair.

Prowler 03-27-20 06:09 AM

Pensylvania issued a small exemption for motorcycle and bicycle shops - repairs only, no retail sales. Bicycles are needed for transportation ( vs buses or trains) and for exercise to keep healthy. So our retail sales floor is locked. Service n repairs only via the back door. Customers, one at a time, allowed in but restricted to one wee corner at the door. We spray down and wipe each bike coming in and we wear gloves all day, even washing them in warm water and soap several times a day. All payments by CC on line. No cash. No way to clean cash.

Most people are VERY understanding, even maintaining a sense of humor. The others........can go suck an egg.

Sometimes it it feels like we're running a speakeasy. Knock, knock, creak the door open, "Bugzy sent me", "ok Mac, come in".

trailangel 03-27-20 06:53 AM

This forum needs a 'dislike' button....^^

alloo 03-27-20 08:44 AM

Our large bicycle shop is closed. Bicycle Village owned by Vail Resorts. Most local shops are open, thank god! I wonder how and if bicycle shops will survive the stay in place mandates. I know safety first! I wonder if we will have a bicycle industry? This is a worldwide pandemic. What are your thoughts.

epnnf 03-28-20 05:07 PM

Apparently all around here are closed. Wonder how many will be around in a few months.

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