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Dose + Time

I was watching a local summary of cases.

Ok, so not a lot of local cases, so they do significant contact tracing. And, a "House Party" becomes big news.

At the end of the presentation, he talked about the difference between a grocery store where one might pass say 100 people, and a house party with say 20 individuals.

And, a big difference is time and distance. Spending hours in close proximty of someone who is infected vs casual passing, or a few minutes of interactions. hopefully also using social distancing.

This will be a unique summer.

I also bumped into this.

CDC: Suggestions for Youth and Summer Camps

Wile not prohibiting the summer camps, the suggestion is to keep tight groups of people. So keep interactions limited, and don't intentionally mix up groups.

Perhaps limiting the extent of the spread, and also limiting the time of the spread (get infected early, and don't return home asymptomatic?)
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The dead body count is the only statistic that is real. Life sucks right now let’s all do the smart thing. It ain’t that hard .....
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Texas just went from lockdown to PARTY TIME and back to lockdown. Gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, commence.

Several local cycling friends have split into cliques, differing over what is/isn't appropriate in socializing/social distancing.

One group tries to limit itself to a fixed group of about half a dozen women, ostensibly limiting their social life to each other exclusively, while minimizing other contact risks. But I see from their photos that the group actually rotates membership a bit, and they're still posing closely together for photos.

One group, which includes at least one medical professional who works around pregnant women and babies, has continued as usual, no changes in socialization. It doesn't pretend to be a fixed group, like the above folks. Participation ranges from half a dozen to as many as 20 or so. I know most of them and some are skeptics about whether the pandemic is real. Naturally, zero precautions.

A former group leader who has strictly adhered to quarantine and social distancing procedures was so outraged she disbanded her group, chastised acquaintances who were obviously disregarding any precautions, and pretty much burned her social bridges in the process.

Another group leader still has nominal leadership of a roadie club, but in reality has pretty much abandoned that group to its own devices. But that was coming long before the pandemic. He repeatedly posts low key reminders to observe recommended precautions, says he'll be riding solo for now, but tries to avoid burning any bridges. I suspect he's fed up but he's too diplomatic to publicly ostracize anyone.

This past week we discovered the mayor's personal fitness trainer has COVID-19. And both of his parents recently died from COVID-19. No details about contact tracing or who caught it from whom.

Par for the course with this pandemic. It mostly hits the elderly, frail, vulnerable, folks with disabilities, diabetes, obesity. And generally speaking a disturbing number of younger, healthy Americans don't care. Because it's not real until it happens to them personally. Or it's too inconvenient. And those people who died were just parasites anyway and would have died sooner or later. Besides, it's easier to blame it on the New World Order, Illuminati, etc., than to wear a mask and take reasonable precautions so that more businesses could continue.
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Members of our club have been riding together lately, though not officially "club rides". One rider has been an ER doc for the last 20 years...but I haven't had a chance to speak with him about group rides and his perceived risk (which must not be that high judging by his actions).

I have an "at risk" daughter in the house, so I am sticking to my solo rides for now, which I'm completely comfortable with...passing no closer than 10 feet typically to anyone walking or cycling.

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