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09box 05-16-17 01:55 PM

Schwalbe Road Plus Tires..Anybody?
I have a chance to pick up a pair of Schwalbe Road Plus Tires for a good price:

Anybody use them or have experience with them? They would be in the 700x28-32 range..

Dark Arrow 05-16-17 03:30 PM

I run the Marathons from Schwalbe. Mate these look the same with a 3mm liner instead of the 5mm in the touring tyres. Tread wear is really good.

09box 05-17-17 07:05 AM

Do they feel as a heavy tire to you?

rumrunn6 05-17-17 09:02 AM

past 12 months saw 3 instances of premature Schwalbe tire failure. 1 of my own & 2 other BF contributors

Barrettscv 05-17-17 09:14 AM

They will feel heavy and slow. Good for commuting, but not as much fun as a faster tire.

shoota 05-17-17 09:27 AM

Those look painful to ride for anything other than short commuter trips.

ckindt 05-17-17 11:53 AM

995 grams per tire?
No way!

Marcus_Ti 05-17-17 12:07 PM

Originally Posted by ckindt (Post 19590167)
995 grams per tire?
No way!

And I thought my 40mm GravelKing SK tires were heavy at 490g each. :lol:

fietsbob 05-17-17 12:56 PM

You can get a light tire or a very puncture resistant one , but not Both. Choose.

Dark Arrow 05-17-17 03:03 PM

Originally Posted by 09box (Post 19589376)
Do they feel as a heavy tire to you?

I'm not a weight weenie and appreciate the longevity that these tyres have. If you are concerned about weight then these tyres are probably going to feel very heavy.

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