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Sullalto 04-03-18 12:31 PM

Raleigh Willard, Tamland: 650bx47mm tires with fenders?
That corporate discount is hard to beat.

But do the willard or tamland fit 650bx47 tires with fenders?

Looking for a bit more volume than 40c for easy singletrack/mud/sand/fresh gravel, but can't give up fenders for much of the year.

Metieval 04-03-18 04:12 PM

found this on image search on google. ;)
No idea if it fits fenders.

s0rce 04-03-18 07:12 PM

I'm considering getting a 650b wheelset for my tamland but I also need to make sure I can fit fenders. I have the older steel fork also pictured in the thread and not the new carbon fork so ymmv.

See here (comments as well, he answered my question):

Guitar Ted Productions: State Of Tubelessness: Ten Years Down The Road- Part 1

Tim_Iowa 04-04-18 10:05 AM

IF the bike can fit 650 x 47 tires between the chainstays, it will definitely have the vertical clearance for fenders.

The 650 x 47 tire (678 total diameter) is 24 mm smaller in diameter than a 700 x 40 tire (702 total diameter), so that means you'll have an extra 12 mm above the tire for fender space.

shoota 04-04-18 11:45 AM

47mm is gonna be tight but I *think* doable.

Marcus_Ti 04-04-18 12:49 PM

Problem you're going to have is shopping for fender fit. I think Velo Orange has some 50mm-class 650B fenders which might work. But for a 47mm tire, I'd sooner shop for a 60mm width for debris clearance top and shoulders, which would probably require machining to fit front and back.

dkmatdrum 04-04-18 05:54 PM

I have a Tamland with a steel fork and am running Gravelking 650x42 on Velocity Blunt 35s. The measured width is 46.5 and they fit fine with almost a quarter inch clearance on each side.
I have Velo Orange 50mm Zeppelin fenders which have about an eighth inch clearance on the side in front but almost touch on the seat stay but they could be dented or lowered

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