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FlashBazbo 03-18-19 10:48 AM

Mavic Yksion Elite Allroad Tires -- anyone use them?
Mavic's Ksyrium Allroad Pro wheels come with their Yksion Elite Allroad tires. In the past, Mavic's "included" tires have left a lot to be desired. Usually heavy, stiff, slippery, and prone to flats. To be honest, when I got these wheels, I assumed that these tires would be inferior without really giving them a try. I aired up the tires (without sealant) just to see how easily they would mount and how well they would hold air. (They did well.) Then, I took them off and put on a set of Gravel King SK's.

But those brand new Mavic tires sitting in the corner have me wondering . . . is anyone using the Yksion Elite Allroads as your daily tire? Are they a hidden gem? Have you used them long-term? What did you think? Are they a decent tire? Was I too hasty in casting them onto the pile of abandoned tires? (Or can I rest assured that judging them too soon was just in time?)

jadocs 03-18-19 10:51 AM

Can't speak to the model you are talking about, but I use the Yksion Pro UST's and have been very happy with them.

FlashBazbo 03-18-19 10:56 AM

Originally Posted by jadocs (Post 20843218)
Can't speak to the model you are talking about, but I use the Yksion Pro UST's and have been very happy with them.

If you don't mind me asking . . . which width do you use? And how many miles do you have on them?


jadocs 03-18-19 11:05 AM

I used 25mm and switched to 28mm which seem to roll better (I know it's counter intuitive but they do). These are road tires, I just noticed this was posted in the CX forum. Since November (when I first got them) I have ridden 1894 miles. I couldn't tell you how much is on each tire.

dddd 07-30-19 04:14 PM

The 30mm Yksion Allroad Elite tires that came with my Allroad Elite wheelset measure 34mm on those wide rims and have proven to be a durable and seemingly fast-rolling pair of tires (I run 'em at 50/54psi for my 147lb weight on my cross bike).

As a tubeless tire they do lose a couple of psi per day, but really these aren't bad tires at all, though the tread pattern is on the shallow side near the center.

I ride mostly on the road with these but have taken a few trails and felt confident on a variety of surfaces. They roll fast on spirited road rides over our often-coarse pavement.

KeatonR 08-08-19 02:54 PM

I have two sets of Mavic Allroad Pro wheels, which I realize may sound a bit excessive but I wanted to be able to swap road and offload wheel sets quickly and figured having the exact same wheels would help ensure disc rotor alignment.

Anyway, one set came with the 40mm Yksion XL tires and the other with the 35mm Yksion all road tires. I kept the 40mm tires on for my offroad wheels, and I have to say, I really, really like them. The UST system is great, and the tires held air with no sealant (which I later added). The tires are beefy at 40mm and perhaps inflate to even wider on these wide rims, and the tread is great for the kinds of dirt I tend to hit (dry with loose gravel). And yet when pumped up pretty good they're still fast and don't feel like they have a lot of rolling resistance.

The 35mm tires I actually put aside in favor of something that is more truly a road slick for greater contrast with the 40s. On that road wheel set I ended up with a pair of 32mm Hutchinson Sector tires, and they have convinced me that I will never go back to 23 or 25 for the road.

I'm currently revamping my Surly LHT town bike and am going to run the 35mm Yksion all road tires on that bike, so I should be able to report back about them soon. But they look like a really nice versatile option, with a slick center line for speed and some light tread for cornering. And assuming the UST system works just as well with them as it does with my 40s, I'm expecting a trouble-free setup and flat-free use.

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