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Noonievut 01-15-22 06:06 AM

Tires for Dirt and a Bit of Mud
Iím looking for a 35mm (or so, max 40) tire Iím going to use spring through fall on a trail system by my house that is mainly gravel, but has enough dirt, sometimes mud, that I want a tire just for these rides.

some sections are single track that are off camber, with occasional rut, root, or small rock. Doesnít have to be light or fast, just capable. I have another wheelset for mixed surface paved/gravel longer riding.

Rolla 01-15-22 10:52 AM

I haven't found anything that GravelKing SKs don't excel at. Yes, they can pick up some mud between the knobs, but they generally shed it just as quickly. I like the 35s so much on my SSCX bike that I bought a pair of 43s for my geared Monster Cross.

franswa 01-15-22 11:13 AM

I am not really liking how the gravelking SKs handle the mud Iíve ridden in. They donít seem to shed well for me - 650b x48. I eventually had to stop and clean em out with a stick.

Iíve heard great things about the Pirelli Cinturato Gravel Ms which has me intrigued.

pbass 01-19-22 12:02 PM

I'm pretty impressed with how good 'ol Nanos do - I have 700cx40 on one bike. Been able to have some fun in the mud a little bit lately (rare in SoCal) and they hook up very well IMO. Also better in sandy loose stuff than I would have expected, and great on singletrack.

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